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Restaurant Review: The Line at Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore


The Line
Shangri-La Hotel
22 Orange Grove Road
+65 6737 3644

To do proper justice to a buffet brunch, you should ideally devote the day to it as Mathilda and I did – both our husbands being away – and get a bit tipsy on champagne. Preferably Veuve Cliquot, and preferably at a place with lots of sunshine spilling in to remind you that it’s daytime and how deliciously decadent you are being.

Apart from sunlight and Veuve, The Line has the warmest, friendliest staff imaginable. After ensuring we tried the signature dishes – lobster gratinée, Caesar salad, lamb tandoori and laksa – they did their best to encourage downright piggery. Chef Fabrizio, in fact, offered to personally carry us to a taxi.

There’s the usual wide variety of food stations, including a feast of seafood. Here, the highlight was freshly shucked, creamy Tasmanian oysters. I mixed myself a great salad, if I say so myself, slurped seaweed and crab soup, and tried various hot dishes including excellent Indian curries. Coaxed into trying “just a small bowl” of laksa, I gave in for the sake of politeness and was glad I had done so. It was amazing – the best I’ve ever had.

The Line’s miniature desserts are irresistible: we loved the tiny tiramisu and crispy-topped crème brûlée. Children will enjoy the ice-cream “teppanyaki” counter, where the flavours and toppings of your choice are mixed on a griddle frozen to 20° below zero. Clever!