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Restaurant review: Posh burgers at DB Bistro in Marina Bay Sands

By: Brian Kennett

Me at a fine diner? I’m more used to the delights of local hawker food, but after taking my family to a Hi5 gig at Marina Bay Sands, we thought we’d go ‘posh’.

There was a pizza joint opposite the theatre, but, alas, they had no tables free for an hour.

What’s that next door…? DB Bistro; Daniel Boulud’s restaurant, the French guy with a load of Michelen stars. I remembered seeing him on the telly, thought he came across as really arrogant, but let’s give it a go.

Lovely spot for the biggest burger you've ever had 

We managed to get a table straight away, but one look at the menu showed that it was right up there on the price-o-meter. However, by the end of the evening, the price didn’t matter much. The food here is inspiring. French influence of course, but with little spins throughout. I will take you on our journey…

And we’re off with some French oysters – fresh as you like, almost crying as you bite in to them. Sprinkle of salt, pepper and a wee squeeze of lemon and boom! Delicious. Goodbye my little friends.

Next up, a little sharing soup for family Kennett. French onion soup to be exact. Made with beef consommé as a stock and with Gruyere cheese atop, caramelized onions and croutons. Simply brilliant.

He might be arrogant, but he's doing a fine job 

By now I’m feeling a touch thirsty, so alongside my Stella, I order a sneaky Bloody Mary. You have to check this bad boy out. There was a skewer sticking out of the top with a prawn, a pickled chili, rolled ham, capers, asparagus, a tomato and a major kick of horseradish. Wow, this was the ultimate pick-me-up. It was so good. BUT, at $28, I am not sure if that pick-me-up referred to the spicy after-taste or getting me off the floor with my empty wallet.

Next, we tried the crunchy sprouts with smoky salty bacon. With a touch of chili this would be a winner, but it didn’t quite hit the mark in the way everything else did.

My daughter Amy ordered a Croque Monsieur and, boy, did she order well. Packed with beautiful ham, this thing was seriously deep and topped with melted Gruyere cheese.

But the best was yet to come… Without a shadow of a doubt, I enjoyed the best burger I have ever had in my life.


The menu describes it as: ’The original DB Burger – Sirloin burger filled with braised short ribs and foie gras, served on a Parmesan bun”.

As soon as I saw the words burger and foie gras I was hooked.

This thing was just incredible. A steak burger, filled – yes folks, filled – with braised rib meat and a huge lump of foie gras. You have to be kidding me, right? But that is indeed what it was. A huge burger, two inches deep, filled with slow cooked, braised, melt-in-the-mouth rib meat and then a big blob of the ultimate foie gras. Medium-rare, if you don’t mind. The bun was delicious. A horseradish mayo atop and I think some fennel and tomatoes beneath. Well-done DB, we’ll take three of those please.

This place is a must-try. The staff were helpful and chatty, and the meal was actually really fun.

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