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Restaurant review: Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore at Boat Quay in Singapore

Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore
30 Boat Quay
+65 6532 6283

Boat Quay has always been one of my favourite spots in Singapore, and still is. I know it’s touristy, and yes, I too get annoyed when nearly every restaurant along the strip attempts to steer you off course and onto its premises with offers of free beer. But you can’t beat the ambience and the view.

After politely (and then not so politely) refusing to patronise any of the restaurants on the way to Pasta Fresca, James and I were relieved that our restaurant of choice didn’t harangue us on our approach. The staff was, in fact, very polite and seated us at a lovely table overlooking the river.

The antipasti misto starter ($19.50) was a colourful collection of imported Italian goodies such as Parma ham, shaved Parmesan cheese, pickled onions, and olives, and both of our pasta dishes – my Alfredo ($16.50) with chicken, ham, and peas in a light cream sauce, and James’s lasagne ($17.40) were very good, and clearly made with fresh pasta.

We discovered that Pasta Fresca supplies its excellent fresh pasta to many of the big hotels in Singapore. So if you’ve eaten a good spag bol at one of them recently, it probably came from these guys.

Oh, and before you ask for the bill, I would recommend that you at least make an attempt at the tiramisu ($8.30). It was delicious.