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Restaurant Review: Morsi and Sorsi on Telok Ayer Street, Singapore

By: Monica Pitrelli

Morsi & Sorsi
51 Telok Ayer Street, #01-02
6222 7530

Morsi Sorsi is looking funky 

Chef Lino Sauro is really letting his hair down – so to speak. Normally buttoned up in a stiff chef’s jacket at upscale Gattopardo, today he’s in a red Fitch shirt, manning the counter at his newest venture, Morsi & Sorsi. Translating to “morsels and sips”, it’s neither fast food (many dishes are made to order) nor a sit-down restaurant experience (though seating is available) – it lies somewhere in-between.

The restaurant caters to the business crowd – breakfast starts at 8am and the last order is at 8pm (though we understand the doors have unofficially been closing much later than this). There are sandwiches ($13) like the filoncino, a crusty panini of roast beef, sautéed mushrooms and dashes of Dijon mustard on thick rustic bread, as well as Lino’s childhood favourite, the piadina, a flatbread sandwich with Parma ham, rucola, tomatoes and mozzarella. Childhood adorations aside, I prefer the heartiness of the roast beef; it, along with the chicken Milanese ($13), is a dish for people that throw that whole “only eat till you are 80-percent full” out the window. If you’re more of a less-is-more kind of eater, there is an organic quinoa salad ($12) and a bufala mozzarella and Parma ham platter ($23). The beef lasagna ($13) too is a relatively light dish, if lasagna can ever be so; plus, it fared the bus ride home the best of all.

Morsi Sorsi's homemade vegetarian lasagna

Prices for cocktails ($12) and Italian beer ($9) are surprisingly decent – they mind the gap while your food is being packaged for home. This is the first restaurant review I have ever done – and possibly will ever do – from my own dining room table. You can’t really get more casual than that.

Must-try Dish: Piadina sandwich