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Restaurant Review: Moosehead Kitchen and Bar on Telok Ayer Street

Moosehead Kitchen and Bar
100 Telok Ayer Street, 068579
6636 8055

Not a moosehead in sight 

Trendy street in the heart of Chinatown, uber-cool interior (but not in your face) and decent wine for $10? ‘Something must be wrong with this Moosehead joint’, I thought as I strolled in to the Mediterranean restaurant.

Well, I hadn’t found it by the time I strolled out – and it certainly wasn’t the food. The small plate dining spot, run by restaurant gurus (and father and son) Glen and Daniel has an affordable menu that’s classic and humble, yet innovative and bold.

We kicked off with the beautifully chargrilled asparagus with garlic miso dressing ($12) that was so divine I finished it like it was soup. We also wolfed down bacon-wrapped chargrilled dates with garlic aioli ($8), which tasted like the perfect Christmas, roast eggplant dip – aka mushy awesomeness ($12) – and smashed eggs, smoked porcini mushrooms and summer black truffle ($16), which essentially throws together all of my favourite ingredients in insane style.

After a brief wine pause – Moosehead has an impressive, accessible drinks menu – we cracked on with the equally impressive mains. Each dish is made for sharing – but they’re not small enough to be tapas either – around five is enough for two (although you’ll want a lot more, as we did).

The Iberian pork ‘Presa’ ($34) was so delightfully dark that I had to double-check it wasn’t steak (don’t judge me, you’ll see!). It’s served with shishito peppers, one in ten of which has a real kick and is said to be lucky in Spain. As my eyes watered, I received a clap on the back and congratulations! Wagyu shoulder tender ($24) is traditionally a cheap cut, but Moosehead’s was better than most rib-eyes I’ve tried, served with brilliant onion jam. And I thought I hated anchovies, but the grilled sea bass with anchovy butter ($24) had me ‘ahh’-ing instead of ‘argh’-ing.

I was so impressed with Moosehead that I sought out hugely talented chef Manuelo afterwards, to tell him that I’d just had one of the best meals I’ve had in Singapore. He looked at me for a second, and simply replied: “Yes.”

Tip: Save room for dessert, the totally unique anise roasted pineapple with coconut yoghurt and meringue ($12) is tangy and light. And, I’m not sure how, but the warm pistachio tart with yuzu crème fresh ($10) reminded me of gorgeous chocolate orange cake.

Must-try dish: Iberian pork ‘Presa’