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Restaurant review: Majestic Bay at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

Majestic Bay

18 Marina Gardens Drive

#01-10 Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay

66046604 | majesticbay.sg


Stepping into Majestic Bay almost feels like entering a large, glass fish tank. Walls lined with quirky portholes, the aquamarine décor, and a beautiful open view over the water make it a perfect spot to share a hearty seafood meal at Gardens by the Bay. As owner Chef Yong’s third restaurant in his Majestic series, this particular branch focuses on traditional Chinese cuisine with a twist…and the food doesn’t disappoint.

We start our meal with the duo seafood combo ($28 for 4 people) – crispy lychee stuffed with lobster, crabmeat and mushrooms,and soft shell crabs in lemon butter milk sauce. Both dishes present a mixture of sweet and savouryflavours that complement each other effortlessly.

Next up is the signature “kopi” crab (about $50, subject to market price). This innovative dish is the brainchild of Chef Yong, who decided to create a unique flavour by combining his two loves: coffee and chilli crab.It certainly has people talking. The result is a tantalisingly sweet version of th Singaporean classic – the caramelised crab is served flaming, smells like toffee, and blends the lightness of crabmeat with a sweet coffee kick. Delectable.

To follow, Majestic’s classic braised baby abalone, meesua ($24 for 2 to 4 people) is a deliciously lush noodle broth with the added flavour of miniature tender abalone. And for dessert you cannot miss the chilled glutinous rice dumpling with fresh cream stuffing ($4.50 for three pieces), another innovative treat that has the delicate texture of a cloud.

With a menu so genuinely full of surprises, I suggest you pop in for the authentic tastes before copycats emerge.

Must-try dish: Crab in Bay’s signature “kopi” sauce.