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Restaurant review: Fosters, An English Rose Café in Holland Village

Fosters: An English Rose Café
277 Holland Avenue
(+65) 6466 8939

If you’re struck by a hunger that only steak will satisfy, you’ll want to be in Holland Village when it hits. Every clichéd superlative to describe a good slab of meat is what you’re guaranteed to find at Fosters.

The mixed grill ($31) is a generous heaping of rack of lamb, fillet of beef, and pork sausage served on mashed potatoes with gravy, and layered with giant strips of bacon. The fillet fantastique (a reasonable $38, and the most expensive item on the menu) is the thickest cut imaginable, topped with fat field mushrooms and served with a plump baked potato filled with sour cream and bacon bits. And although veggies are usually the last of a meat-lover’s desires, all the dishes here are served with healthy portions of greens such as asparagus and giant flowers of crisp broccoli.

It’s not just steak, though. Our seafood combo (a set meal at $39 with soup and dessert) included large servings of crayfish, scallops, and cod, on a bed of whipped potatoes and a dash of melted cheese.

I’ve shied away from Western-style eateries since coming to Singapore, because the Asianised versions of my favourite dishes often offend my taste buds. (If Singapore doesn’t hand out enough fines, there should be severe penalties for deep-frying hamburger buns and drowning chicken cutlets in Alfredo sauce.)    

Not only does Foster’s do Western food excellently, it’s terrific value for money. It presents itself as a home for British fare, but don’t let that put you off – the chefs could teach the British a culinary thing or two.