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Restaurant review: Earl of Hindh on Quayside Isle, Singapore

Earl of Hindh
31 Ocean Way
#01-16 Quayside Isle
Sentosa Cove
6681 6694

Family owned and run Indian restaurant The Earl of Hindh is a new addition to the cluster of eateries at Quayside Isle. Interestingly, it also specialises in a wide variety of malt and blended whiskies.

The spacious interior has a warm ambience and is beautifully decorated with portraits of maharajas, rustic tiled flooring and wooden furniture. You can opt to dine inside or alfresco with stunning views over the cove.

Murgh Tandoori

The large selection of traditional dishes come in portions big enough to share, including a variety of lamb, chicken and mutton kebabs and fish dishes. The spiced salmon dariyai tikka ($32) and the popular minced lamb kakori kebab ($44) got our seal of approval. 

Kakori Kebab

From the selection of curries, the dal panchratan wani ($16), a combination of five types of lentils with secret spices, and the colourful murg mahkani ($34), chicken tikka tossed in tomato, butter and cream, went perfectly with garlic tandoori naan ($9) and perfumed saffron rice ($18). A surprise to the taste buds was the sweet Earl-E-Hindh naan ($12), which is topped with milk, honey, almond flakes and glacé cherries – an in-house creation.

Murgh Makhani

If you’ve room for dessert, the jamun-e-galub ($16)milk dumplings filled with pistachio and cardamom and dipped in rose and saffron sugar syrup – pairs well with a slice of kulfi ice cream.  

Impeccable food and quality ingredients aside, what sets Earl of Hindh apart is the attentive and genuine attitude of the staff and owners.

Must-Try Dish: Kakori Kebab