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Restaurant Review: Café Hacienda at Dempsey in Singapore (closed)

Café Hacienda  (closed)
13 Dempsey Road #01-07 
+65 6476 2922

As the excellent Rani – surely the queen of all wait staff – reels off a list of suggestions, the tune of “My Favourite Things” from The Sound of Music invades my head. Here is Western comfort food at its most terrific and calorific. (And no – it doesn’t include crisp apple strudels or schnitzel with noodles.)

Also appealing is that Hacienda Café is an adjunct to a gorgeous alfresco bar (the Hacienda), both in a quiet, jungly haven that is a perfect spot to chill with friends.

We’re told its ethos is to provide good quality, good value Western fare, something that is arguably lacking in Dempsey. Divided into all-day breakfasts, soups and salads, burgers and sandwiches, panini, pizza, pasta, pies and tarts, cakes, tarts and pastry, the menu is designed to appeal especially to the lunchtime crowd – and to women, particularly – but it covers all bases.

The rich, truffly mushroom soup ($9) is a delight, as is the classic Caesar salad ($13.50), topped with a perfectly poached egg. Piping hot fish and chips ($16) pleases with extra-crispy batter; the moreish crab fusilli ($22) has a nice bite of fresh chilli; and the beautifully pink Wagyu beef burger served Mexican-style with guacamole and covered with Monterey Jack is absolutely delicious.

Yummy as they are, beware of the Hacienda Café milkshakes ($11-$15): they’re thick, they’re huge and they won’t allow space for the superb ice cream profiteroles ($10) or the outstanding sticky date pudding with ice cream.

Stickily blissful and with our cholesterol-count rocketing we roll out of the place. I’m still humming that dratted tune.

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