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Restaurant Review: Buyan Russian Haute Cuisine in Duxton Hill in Singapore

Go Russian at this unique restaurant and bar 

Buyan Russian Haute Cuisine & Caviar Bar

9/10 Duxton Hill

6223 7008


Rumours about a new Russian caviar bar began to swirl late last year. “Just vodka and caviar … it’s $800 just to sit down!” The rumours were only partially true, as it turns out. Buyan on Duxton Hill does serve caviar, but the borscht won’t break the bank.

It offers casual dining on the first and third floors of its shophouse location, and fine dining on the second. iPad menus are good fun and offer amazingly accurate food photos; soon you’ll be able to order and pay with them, too; receipts will be emailed.

Like any good Russian establishment, the vodka runs deep and the pours are mighty generous. Ask for a sample flight of four (around $20), and request the chilli infusion for local flair.

The food is authentically Russian, though USSR favourites such as Uzbek pork and Kiev chicken are included. We started with the layered salmon salad ($10), a light dish, by Russian standards, featuring eggs, cheese, butter and mayo. The pelmeni ($15), delicious dough pockets filled with mutton, beef and pork – the Russian version of dim sum dumplings – was spectacularly savoury.  

Beef stroganoff ($30) is a must, and the trout ($18), a large portion of tender breaded fish with rich nut sauce, was equally satisfying. Sweet tooths shouldn’t dream of missing the blinis ($12), served with mixed berries, condensed milk and sour cream.

Drop by from 5pm to 7pm from Monday to Saturday for 20 percent off caviar and a free shot of vodka or Russian sparkling wine. You’ll be begging for a shot of Beluga (vodka, that is) in no time.