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Renting furniture in Singapore: 10 reasons why it just makes sense

Back home, the idea of renting furniture is a relatively foreign concept. We’d be more likely to inherit our grandma’s hand-me-downs than to sign up for household essentials on a month-by-month basis. The prospect of doing this in Singapore, however, is a totally different story. With many expats being in transition and many apartments coming unfurnished, leasing furnishings makes a lot of sense. But how does it all work? We found out from furniture rental specialist Lian Huat Furniture Rental.

Lian Huat was originally set up as a furniture store in the early 1960s, but founder Ng Chai Choo spotted the growing need for furniture rental as expats flocked to Singapore’s shores in the 1980s. And so from retail from rental it was!

Now under the management of Philip Ng (Chai Choo’s son), Lian Huat’s showroom is the place to head for fuss-free furniture and furnishings. It houses a huge selection of furniture, from contemporary to Oriental-style – think dining tables, desks, chairs, cupboards, sofas and storage – plus wall art, antiques, appliances, linen, kitchenware and rugs.


The main reasons behind leasing furniture in Singapore is, naturally, to save both time and money. But where do the benefits really come in?

  1. Renting cancels the cost of that shipping container which lugs your loot to Singapore (and back for that matter)!
  2. No wait for a container means you can spend less time in a serviced apartment. Pick your products from Lian Huat’s showroom as soon as you arrive and move straight into your newly-furnished home.
  3. You can enjoy filling your home with quality furniture and appliances without a hefty upfront investment (moving to Singapore is expensive enough!).
  4. Lease payments are tax deductible! Hurrah!
  5. Leave the toolbox behind: Lian Huat will service, repair or replace all items under lease with no hidden costs.
  6. It’s incredibly flexible – you can have a lease period of one to 36 months. This is across everything from a single item to a house-full of furniture. Rates include transport, installation and maintenance.
  7. If you fall in love with your rented loot, you can snap up your favourite pieces under Lian Huat’s buy-back scheme once your lease expires.
  8. Want something specific? Chat to a leasing consultant about custom-making an item of furniture or resizing an existing piece.
  9. If you fancy a change of style once your lease is up, you can simply pop back to the showroom and see what’s new.
  10. Most of all, renting furniture in Singapore is budget-friendly! From new to reconditioned furniture, the team at Lian Huat are pros at helping expats furnish their pads with set funds in mind.
The perfect dining table awaits!
The perfect dining table awaits!


Want to find out more or have a stare at the rental pieces on offer? Head to Lian Huat Furniture Rental, 53 Kaki Bukit View, Singapore 415975. For more information, call 6844 1711 or email sales@furniturerental.com.sg.
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