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Relationship advice: Five things women want from their men

It’s common for men to complain about how difficult it is to understand women. Too often women give mixed signals; they don’t say what they mean, and they expect you to read their minds, all the time. But there are five things that every woman craves. Here, Anisa Hassan, an award-winning relationship expert and the owner of It’s Just Lunch Asia, provides a list of everything you need to provide to be the perfect man for your partner.



Every woman wants to feel safe and secure with their man. It means being there to protect her, keep her away from harm and keep her anchored during tough times. To think that you have to be wealthy before you can snag that dream girl could not be further from the truth. Being established (read: not a full-time loafer) helps to a certain degree but most women go for the overall security, and having the means to financial freedom is a bonus, not a must.

Every woman wants to be able to trust a man fully with no exception. Second guessing, suspecting and sussing you out are simply a waste of her time. She wants to know everything that’s going on in your life – your victories, your successes, your wonderful memories – which only proves that she’s got herself a winning formula! But just be careful with brutal honesty; especially when it comes to her looks, weight and all those shallow matters about her “looks”.



It’s just human nature for (almost) every woman to want to be with a man who’s better, stronger, faster, smarter and richer than her. Women love men with leadership qualities – we’re talking Obama, Clinton and, okay, LKY! They love the feeling that they can look up to their man and be proud of their mental fortitude and foresight. Their lights get turned on when they are in the presence of cerebral men with charisma and confidence. As for physical strength, which women wouldn’t die to be in the arms of Chris Hemsworth?

One of the worst feelings that every woman wants to avoid is the feeling that “I’ve got no one to care for me”. To be cared for means to not be alone in this life. When a woman gets emotional with the trials and tribulations of life, that’s the time when she needs the most caring. She may not necessarily need you to solve her problems but when she knows that she’s being cared for, that’s when she finds the strength to work through her problems. She loves it when you tell her that you have her back!



This goes both ways. To be in a solid relationship, you’ve got to have unshakeable loyalty for each other. You must be able to work as a team. You want to feel special, unique and safe to be whoever you want to be and yet have the assurance that your partner will never betray you. A woman wants a man who sees the world in her. Though she may have her flaws (and you don’t have to point this out to her because she already knows it), she still wants you to see her as smart, beautiful and sexy, because if you’re loyal to her and make her feel that she’s the best thing that ever happened to you, she will also reciprocate by making you feel like you’re the man she’s been waiting for all her life!