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Redbull Flugtag swoops into Singapore


It’s time to strap on your finest DIY wings and take a long run-up because the Red Bull Flugtag is landing in Singapore.

For those not in the know Flugtag sees the most creative aeronautical minds (and more than a handful of crazies) launch human-powered flying machines off a six-metre-high ramp before a climatic splash into the sea.

If you got your entry form in by 15 Augus, pack your ego and courage, and head to Siloso Beach on Sentosa on 28 October where the judges will rate you on distance, creativity and showmanship.  Winners will bag a trip to the home of the Flying Bulls at Hangar 7 in Austria as well as skydiving lessons. 

For those not brave enough to do, there’s a special viewing area on Siloso beach where you can watch all the action. Our money’s behind Stealth Budget, crewed by the sexually ambiguous Martina, Jeanine, Maxine and Capt. Hassan.

Flying Machine Rules
200kg is the maximum weight (including pilot)

8 metres is the maximum wingspan

4 meter wheelbase will be cleared for take-off

No auxiliary lifting, power source of stored energy devices such as elastic, batteries, clockwork springs, rocket fuel

No modified aircraft such as paragliders, light aircraft, commercial airliners or fighter jets!

Must include a buoyancy device to prevent your aircraft from sinking

You can’t physically attach yourself to the flying machine