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Quick guide to buying the best barbecue in Singapore

If you’re in the market for a backyard barbecue, BQ Mart has a wide range of models in a variety of sizes and styles. Here’s a small selection of gas and charcoal cookers, including some portable options for those after a picnic in the park! 


Going with Gas

Turn up the heat

The Barbecook Brahma 3.0 is a stainless steel gas grill with a super-powerful fire thanks to 15kW burners and a Turbo Heating System. It also has the Aromaz system that allows you to use herbs, smoke chips or other seasonings to achieve all kinds of flavours. $2,188

Tough on top

The BeefEater Discovery 1100 incorporates RF Technology rust-free cooktops made from cast-iron enamel coated with porcelain, one of the toughest coatings available. The stainless steel finish has a five-year warranty. There’s also a rollback hood, an on-board temperature gauge and a warming rack. $3,990

Small but effective

The two-burner Bugg is small in size but big on technology and engineering, with loads of advanced features. You can cook with the hood up for crispier grilling or keep the hood down for roasts. It’s also easy to store and carry. $1,499

Choosing Charcoal

Tabletop cooking

You can use the Amica just about anywhere – even sit it on a silicon mat on the dining table so that guests do their own grilling. It’s safe enough for children to try out their cheffing skills, too. $299

Helpful for hosts

The Barbecook Master looks the part for a backyard party and offers great versatility via a three-in-one charcoal grill. It also features the QuickStart system that allows you to concentrate more on hosting and less on how the charcoal is coming along. $2,988

Grilling on the go

The Master stainless-steel grill is safe and easy to assemble and gives you a grill-ready fire in around fifteen minutes. Grab some steaks, pack your grill and off you go! $499