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Protect your heels and stay balanced

Ever dressed up to the nines in skyscraper heels for a wedding, garden party or another special occasion, only to get that sinking feeling when you arrive? No, you didn’t forget the dress code, that’s your brand new designer shoes sinking into uneven turf or getting stuck in decking! Yep, we feel you – we’ve ruined many a stylish stiletto with unsightly scuff marks which are now sadly relegated to the back of our wardrobes.

Protect those heels!

You can decorate your Clean Heels stoppers with these bling accessories!

That’s why we wish we’d discovered Clean Heels shoe accessories sooner. Available to purchase in Singapore online at Dees Boutique, these affordable heel stoppers are made of rubber which attach on to the end of your shoes, and help prevent you from sinking into soft ground, falling into cracks or scuffing wooden flooring. The flexible soft attachment protects your heels from any dirty marks or water splashes during wet weather, and – a big plus point in our books – even helps to stabilise you while walking on uneven surfaces (or perhaps, after a few too many glasses of bubbles!)

What’s more, they can be discreet or decorative as you like. The heel stoppers are available to purchase in both clear and black colours, and in different sizes to fit all heel shapes. Plus, you can add on cute attachments such as crystal hearts, flowers or cut crystal rings to bling up your look (the perfect bridal or night out accessory!)

Here’s just a few occasions where we’ll be sure to have Clean Heels heel stoppers at the ready:


A Day at the Races

Muddy heels are now a thing of the past.

Be the envy of other ladies at the Melbourne Cup or British Polo day, and glide across grass with ease in a pair of discreet, comfy heel stoppers (Louboutin’s not included!)


That Wedding in Bali

Is she wearing Clean Heels?

Because we all seem to have that one friend who chooses to get hitched on the island of the Gods. Perfect for the bride, bridal party or simply for the guests – Clean Heels will have your stilettos protected for weddings around the world, whatever the venue.


A Swish Boat or Indoor Party



Be a gracious guest and have a pair of heel stoppers at the ready on your next house visit or boat trip. Your host (and any wooden flooring or decking) will definitely thank you!

Shop Clean Heels online here.

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