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Students at this international school are channeling their inner tech!

Do you know what it takes to build and program a robot from hundreds of Lego bricks? Programming classes for kids are all the rage these days, with holiday camps offering it for even the littlest of people.  International schools in Singapore are jumping on the bandwagon too!  Tarish is a technology whizz who has found his calling as a student at ISS International School (ISS). He tells us about his passion, and what’s next.

ISS International School student with a robot
Tarish and a robot he made

What was the impetus to study computing?

ISS provided me with the opportunity to explore a wide range of subjects to find something that really engaged me. The turning point was enrolling in the Design and Technology class, where the robotics and programming subject caught my attention!

And you recently built the largest and fastest robot in class?

Our teacher armed us with materials and information and encouraged us to discover and create, as we built robots and programmed them to perform tasks. I extended the learning and discovered how programming languages are created. My robot can perform tasks like pushing cans and obstacles. I also participated in the National Youth Council’s New Age Hackathon 2.0 and developed a mobile app to assist senior citizens.

Why are you attracted to computing?

It’s fascinating because small programs, with just a few lines of code, can perform big tasks, which benefit so many people. The possibilities are endless.

Where has this led you?

During the summer vacation, I worked as an IT support assistant and one day I hope to work for an innovative technology company. In the meantime, I’ll continue being the “mini IT support guy” for my friends at school!

What role did ISS play in discovering your attraction to computing?

I look up to the school motto of “Realising Potential” and I’m thankful to have discovered this passion here. The school’s unique customised approach to nurturing students as individuals has allowed me to learn more about myself, and transform my interest into a lifelong passion. In fact, ISS has taught me various life skills that I will require later in life.


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