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Presenting the Donut Folding Bicycle


After you get over the initial disappointment that you can’t actually eat this bike and start to get familiar with its aluminium alloy frame and instrument panel with a cyclometer and GPS you’ll soon forget that rumbling stomach.

The Donut Folding Bicycle recently won a bronze award at the prestigious A’ Design Award and Competition for its super-compact take on the traditional folding bike.

Wanting to find a solution to inner Bangalore’s traffic congestion, Arvind Mahabaleshwara created a bike that was highly portable and didn’t have any elements protruding from the frame when it was folded.

The bike has tubular pedals that slide as well as rotate inside the crank bar, while a combination of chain and gear drives are used to transfer motion to the rear wheel. If Iron Man rode a bike, we think it’d be something like this.