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Pre-Schools in Singapore: EtonHouse launches an inspired creative learning environment in Upper Bukit Timah

EtonHouse, renowned for designing unique, creative learning spaces for pre-school students in Singapore, is opening a new campus in the jungle surroundings of Upper Bukit Timah Road.

Housed in an innovative new building that’s filled with specialist spaces, the huge campus will offer EtonHouse’s inquiry-based programme in a bilingual learning environment from Pre-Nursery to Kindergarten 2.

The innovative new campus 

What do we mean by ‘specialist spaces’? Through research and careful planning, the EtonHouse pedagogists worked hard to design a campus that offers a beautiful blend of indoors and outdoors within the large open spaces of the property. The Upper Bukit Timah pre-school has an open rooftop garden and imaginative recycling centre, plus slick, dedicated studios for performing arts, visual arts, cooking and construction classes.

It is this original approach to all of its learning environments, alongside its Reggio Emilia-inspired, inquiry-based IBO curriculum, that makes EtonHouse’s schools unique. Essentially, their key aim is to promote a diverse and multi-dimensional early years and primary years programme.

Open-air learning is great for interactivity - and general fun!


If you want to discover more about EtonHouse’s approach – or see their fabulous facilities for yourself – they are hosting a series of open days across their campuses in Singapore on 6-7 March 2015. Simply RSVP if you’d like to visit the new Upper Bukit Timah Road pre-school, or their Thomson, Newton or Robertson Walk pre-schools. EtonHouse is also offering open days for its international school at Broadrick during 6-7 March 2015 – RSVP here. All of the open days will include a talk by the principal.

Now, back to those snazzy spaces and EtonHouse’s forward-thinking approach to learning. Here are the main factors that make their schools special:

Pupils are encouraged to speak their minds and respected to communicate effectively 

A great emphasis is placed on the planning and development of respectful, engaging and meaningful environments that reinforce their inquiry-based philosophy around teaching and learning. The spaces ensure that kids are given multiple opportunities to interact with a wide range of materials and build meaningful relationships with each other.

The classrooms and shared areas, which were created by specialists, are wonderfully-designed and aesthetically pleasing, to encourage respectful and meaningful classroom interactions. 

Learning and Pedagogy
Campuses offer the EtonHouse Inquire Think Learn curriculum, which is inspired by the pre-schools and infant toddler centres of Reggio Emilia in Northern Italy (hailed by ‘Newsweek’ as the best pre-schools in the world).

Children are viewed as sophisticated thinkers and communicators, and encouraged to express themselves using multiple languages. This may include speaking, singing, movement, drawing, designing and music. In essence, the holistic and integrated curriculum aims to produce happy, confident, curious and socially conscious graduates with a genuine lifelong love for learning.

EtonHouse values each individual’s unique characteristics and learning styles to create a responsive curriculum based on observation, sensitive interpretation and the analysis of observational data.

Children dip in and out of English and Mandarin throughout the day 

Second Language Programme
EtonHouse believes in offering children an integrated bilingual environment. This means that Mandarin is taught in a natural, spontaneous manner throughout the day, making the learning process more relevant, fun and effective. The intention is to expose kids to two languages at all times, making them think and talk across both tongues. The hands-on approach is designed to develop an appreciation and genuine interest in languages at a very young age.

We all know that a key determinant of early childhood education is the quality of the teaching staff. Aside from EtonHouse’s highly-qualified teaching team, the school also has a dedicated research centre. These pedagogists focus on quality assurance and the professional development of staff, by offering teachers the latest studies and learnings in the early childhood sector.

Remember, if you’d like to attend EtonHouse’s open days on 6-7 March 2015, simply head to their website and submit your RSVP.