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Post-pregnancy fitness and weight loss


You’ve sailed through pregnancy, watched your weight and kept active. Baby is safely delivered and you’re embracing your new life. But wait, what’s happened to your lovely tummy? Here are some options from Focus Pilates, The Body Firm, Alaxis Aesthetics and The Medical & Rejuvenation Centre to help you get back into shape.

Focus on Results

Focus Pilates prenatal Pilates programmes are becoming increasingly popular as women and their doctors realise the benefits of Pilates reformers for prenatal exercise. Classes are kept to a maximum of six, and while the exercises are primarily performed on the reformer, you also do some mat-work exercises that you can continue doing at home. The design of the reformer allows you to exercise effectively and safely, and you get all the benefits of toning, back strengthening and preparing your muscles and joints for the big day.

Focus Pilates offers three group reformer classes per week across both studios (Orchard Road and Raffles Place). Newcomers to the Pilates reformer need to complete two private sessions before they join group classes. Focus Pilates has a prenatal package of two private sessions and five group classes for $450, and if you sign up in March you’ll get an extra free class.

Preparing your Abdominals for Birth  

As your baby grows, organs are pushed aside and muscles and joints become more mobile and stretched. Maintaining abdominal and pelvic floor tone during pregnancy, and more importantly control, is not only important during birth but also for recovery.

Traditional abdominal exercises like sit-ups can do more harm than good, by causing separation of the abdominals. It’s important for exercises to focus on activation, control and co-ordination of pelvic floor and deep abdominal muscles, not only when you are still but also with movement. This helps prepare the muscles, joints and spine.

Daniel Dittmar – Exercise Physiologist and Head Pilates Instructor

Focus Pilates @ Orchard
302 Orchard Road, Tong Building #08-03/04
+65 6733 8785

Focus Pilates @ Raffles Place
20 Malacca Street, Malacca Centre #12-00
+65 6235 3938


Muscular Miracle

Sleepless nights, smelly nappies, messy meals – it’s all worth it, once you have your little baby in your arms. But what most women do not enjoy is the change that pregnancy and childbirth wreak on our bodies. In place of a toned body, a saggy one. In place of the glorious six-pack, a wobbly tum.

As anyone who has tried knows, it is very hard getting back in shape after birth. You need all the help you can get, and The Body Firm is all the help you need to get your pre-pregnancy body back.

Their system is straightforward and simple, yet employs state of the art technology. It focuses on rebuilding muscles, particularly in the abdominals and the waist. The abdominals, in particular, are overstretched during pregnancy, so it takes time and effort to regain tone in that area.

Another positive effect of The Body Firm system is that it strengthens the pelvic floor, also an important area of concern for women.

You can visit the website to check for special offers or book an appointment for an introductory session.

The Body Firm

468 River Valley Road

+65 6838 0331


Double-delivery Liposuction

What most concerns many women after pregnancy is loose skin and stretch marks on their stomachs. For many, time, exercise and massage help to return the tummy to its original shape and firmness. But for others, the change seems irreversible; six months or even a year later, the tummy remains fat and loose.

Alexis Aesthetics offers Bodytite, a body-contouring system that uses Radiofrequency Assisted Liposuction (RFAL) to dissolve the fat cells, and radiofrequency (RF) energy to contract the skin. It is especially useful for those who may need a tummy tuck, but don’t want to undergo such an invasive procedure. Best of all, it is able to solve two problems simultaneously: excess fat and loose skin.

What really sets Bodytite apart from other treatments is its innovative skin contraction technology. With this method, you can achieve skin contraction of 30 to 40 percent, compared to technologies such as ultrasound and vibration that deliver only 10 to 15 percent.

The Bodytite tummy treatment costs $5,000, which includes the operation fee, medication, one set of post-liposuction garments and four sessions of post-liposuction external RF sessions. Alaxis is accredited by the MOH and adheres to the regulations governing liposuction in Singapore. It has been performing liposuction since 2005.

Alaxis Aesthetics

360 Orchard Road

#04-02 International Building

+65 6235 1181


Cool Option


Liposuction is perhaps the most common and effective procedure for body contouring. Given its invasive nature and inherent risks, however, there has been an ongoing quest for the development of non-invasive alternatives. One of them, Coolsculpting by Zeltiq, is being heralded as the new, non-surgical alternative:

  • Non-invasive, pain-free and comfortable. Some patients even work on

    their laptops during the procedure.

  • There’s no down-time.

  • The procedure is performed by a certified doctor.

  • Final results are seen after two weeks and up to four months after


  • After one treatment, the documented average reduction of the fat layer is

    22 percent.

Procedure: The targeted area is drawn between two cooling panels and subjected to extreme cold, which permanently destroys the fat cells. The crystallised fat cells are broken down and naturally eliminated from the body.

Suitable for: People who are physically fit, but with trouble spots – bulges and small areas of fat they can’t get rid of with exercise or diet – often on the abdomen or on the back. This makes it a highly effective postnatal treatment.

To treat one site costs $1,500 and takes an hour.

The Medical & Rejuvenation Centre

18 Cross Street
#02-33 China Square Central

+65 6532 7385