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Picking a preschool in Singapore


Arts Kidz Preschool
67A Eu Chin Street
+65 6456 8003

Michelle’s eldest daughter Savannah (21 months) has been attending Arts Kidz since January 2010.

“I was immediately impressed when I walked in. The facility is open and airy, with the ceiling fans continuously going in the lofts. The children looked so happy, it was so clean and I got a very nice feeling from the school.

“The best thing about the preschool is the teachers. Savannah loves her teachers and she is also making many friends from around the world. I also love the classes they offer at the school, like Japanese or Mandarin as second language, violin, yoga and Chinese painting.

“Of course, my husband and I wanted a clean, happy and safe environment, but one other factor that we wanted was for our children to be exposed to as many different cultures and experiences in life as possible. Arts Kidz is helping us accomplish that and more.”
Michelle Cohen, US


Avondale Grammar School
318 Tanglin Road
+65 6258 8544

Harry (6) has been attending Avondale Grammar School since 2008. Samantha then had Libby (4) transferred from another school to join her brother.

“We come from a small village in the UK, where Harry had been at a local preschool. Since I felt that there were going to be lots of changes for us in Singapore, I wanted him to be in a smaller school with a nurturing environment.

“I like that the preschool is within a school environment but the whole school is still small, so it’s not too overwhelming for the children. Even though the preschool is run separately, the children have the opportunity to interact with the rest of the school for events such as the Swimming Carnival, which also helps older preschool children prepare for ‘proper’ school. It also makes it very convenient when you have older children to be picked up and droped off!

“Avondale offers flexibility in the number of days the children attend. You can choose three, four or five days and phase them into spending more time there as they grow up.”
Samantha Barber, UK 


Bibinogs Play Learning Centre
81 Clemenceau Avenue
+65 6466 8015
Additional campuses in Singapore

Hande’s three-year-old daughter Tarcin has been attending Bibinogs since September 2009. Her teachers have even given her a Mandarin name, Gui Chen.

“We had been searching for a school that was within walking distance from our home for quite some time. During one of our shopping trips, we noticed a new school had opened in UE Square.

“The number of students per class and the personal approach we found when we first contacted the school were the key reasons for our choice.

“Besides learning so many things, Tarcin loves the time she spends at Bibinogs. She calls it the ‘bestest thing I’ve ever seen’.

“The teachers have a personal relationship with their students. All kids get full attention because classes are small. The fact that one out of three hours a day is dedicated to Mandarin is great – it gives our child an alternative cultural experience.”
Hande Marriot, Australia


Brainy Child Montessori
150 Orchard Road, #02-38 to 43
+65 6733 7669

Neri’s son, Alberto (6), has recently graduated from Brainy Child Montessori, while his younger sister, Silvia (4), is currently attending the preschool.

“As parents, we prefer a multicultural school as it prepares our kids better for interactions with people of different nationalities. This in turn helps them fit better into society. The school is also very supportive towards families’ needs. If a student is away for a whole month, for instance, the parents don’t need to pay for that month. The school understands that most expats will visit their home country at least once a year.

“My children like the activities, the games and the field trips that the school organises twice a month. They enjoy the company of their classmates who come from different countries, too. The comprehensive curriculum encompasses Montessori education and enrichment classes like cookery, art, drama and music lessons. Mandarin and Japanese language are also included.”
Neri Invernali, Italy


Brighton Montessori
370 River Valley Road
+65 6341 9336

Of the five Salyards children, two have previously attended Brighton Montessori. Now it’s four-year-old Trent’s turn.

“We visited several different Montessori schools in different parts of Singapore to talk with the owners and the teachers as well as to observe the children in the classroom setting. The teachers at Brighton are genuine and take their jobs very seriously but at the same time love all of the children. I think it’s important to have a nice cultural mix of local Singaporean children and a few expats. The icing on the cake at this school is its strong Chinese language programme.

“Early childhood learning is facilitated by having fun. My children have all had tons of fun at Brighton each and every day. The Montessori approach makes learning enjoyable and the teachers ensure that lessons are learnt and reinforced with fun activities. The children especially enjoy the many field trips with the teachers and parents. I can personally attest that education starts off well when it’s delivered in this type of atmosphere.”
Chip Salyards, US


Canadian International School
371 Tanjong Katong Road
+65 6345 1573
Additional campuses in Singapore

Sarah’s three children, Devon (9), Lilly (6) and Joshua (4), have all been attending the Canadian International School Tanjong Katong (CIS TK) since January 2009.

“We were worried that the children might find it difficult to integrate into a new school given the change in syllabus and the loss of the friend and family networks that they enjoyed in the UK. CIS TK took all of our worries and concerns away and from the moment they joined we knew we’d made the right decision.

“Joshua has been won over by the patience, understanding and kind-hearted nature of his teacher, despite his initial insecurities about moving to Singapore. He is now more confident than ever and the improvement in his language and social skills through the day-to-day interaction with a diverse group of international children will stay with him through life. Achieving confidence and self-belief at a young age has been one of the most important results for our three children.”
Sarah Hackett, UK


Carpe Diem Kidz
1B Royal Road (off Alexander Road)
+65 6275 0995

After two of her friends enrolled their children at Carpe Diem Kidz, Karen decided to do the same for her younger daughter, Lana (5). Lana has been attending Carpe Diem Kidz for more than three years.

“Carpe Diem Kidz is in a very convenient location from our house, and provides day care for children from the age of 18 months. It has a beautiful garden with lots of outdoor play equipment and many pets for the kids to interact with. When Lana was younger, her favourite thing was the trampoline.

“I believe Lana really enjoys the company of her friends, most of whom have been there since the day she started.

“The school has just opened a larger school in a renovated black-and-white house. It is further within Alexandra Park on Russell Road and has plenty of outdoor play areas, all shaded by huge trees.”
Karen Whitton, New Zealand


Emaar International School
201 Ulu Pandan Road
+65 6536 6566

Since January 2009, Bernadette’s two sons, Christopher (10) and Matthew (5), have been attending Emaar International School.

“We chose Emaar while we were still in the UK, so we did not get a chance to visit the school prior to relocating. But it was clearly the best fit for our overall needs, with several factors to recommend it – the IB curriculum, a single campus from kindergarten through to Grade 12, and its relatively smaller size.

“As soon as we arrived in Singapore, the school invited us to an orientation day before term started. This made the first day at a new school in a new country a lot easier for the boys.

“Matthew has enjoyed making lots of new friends from other countries and the school is very international in nature. Learning Mandarin has also been fun for him and he enjoys impressing our family back in the UK with his latest Chinese song.

“Emaar International is a friendly school with a good teaching environment and great personal care, where all the staff know the students’ names. For both children and parents, it’s a welcoming international community.”
Bernadette Jones, UK


EtonHouse International School
764 Mountbatten Road
+65 6440 5100
Additional campuses in Singapore

Having being introduced to EtonHouse schools by their relocation agent, Sharon enrolled her two sons, Ethan (4) and Tristan (3), at EtonHouse International on Mountbatten Road.

“The school has a lovely family atmosphere and an impressive education philosophy – Inquire, Think, Learn – which follows the natural curiosity of the children and allows them to learn through guided play. In my opinion, this is how children learn best. The school also has a speech-language pathologist.

“The boys have such a good time at school that they don’t even realise they’re in a learning environment. The classroom newsletters sent out by the teachers are an absolute delight and give the parents real insight into what goes on in the classrooms.

“During a meeting with the preschool director, I watched as she greeted each parent and child by name as they came in and out of the school. I was very impressed by this because it reinforced my first impression of a family atmosphere.”
Sharon McQuain, US


Excelerate Integrated Learning Centre
19 Tanglin Road #05-13/15
Tanglin Shopping Centre
+65 6235 0037

Tracy’s daughter Melanie (4) started at Excelerate just before her second birthday.

“The school was recommended to us by our paediatrician. At the time we were looking, it was the only one of its kind to offer intensive therapy five days a week. Melanie was born premature and with a range of complex medical conditions. At almost two years old, she was unable to babble or communicate in any way except screaming. She had feeding issues and severe developmental challenges in many areas.

“The structured environment and daily workbooks for parents to follow meant that we were able to stay focused on our goals. They delivered remarkable results for Melanie.

“She developed a special bond with the teachers and loved the environment at the school. The facilities, including the soft-play rooms, were great for her development.”
Tracy Edmundson-Lamb, Australia


German European School Singapore
72 Bukit Tinggi Road
+65 6469 1131

Now in their third year at the German European School, Lisa’s two girls, Sille (6) and Mille (4), are enjoying themselves.

“The main factor in sending the girls to GES was the flexibility offered at the preschool. You can choose school hours to be from 7.55am-12.30pm or from 7.50am-3pm, twice or four times a week. Mille started in the toddler group twice a week when she was two.

“In the kindergarten, the three-to-five-year-olds are together in a class and there is lots of time to play and explore. The children like sports, playing with their friends, cooking, field trips and the playground.

“I find the teachers understanding and caring. The preschool is not too big, and all the kids and teachers seem to know each other. That makes the atmosphere warm, safe and welcoming.”
Lisa Thrane, Denmark


International Community School
27A Jubilee Road
+65 6776 7435

Sharon’s daughter, Kajsa (5), attends the International Community School (ICS).

“We like the small size of the school, the caring teachers and the no-nonsense approach to discipline and character development. We were most impressed when we saw how genuinely respectful the older kids and high-schoolers were. We feel that it is totally safe to leave our child at such a tender age in ICS’s capable hands.

“When Kajsa’s grandmother visited from Sweden, she was most impressed when the older kids at the playground gave up their seats on the swings for Kajsa. They also seemed to know Kajsa by name, calling out to her. Then we found out about the school’s buddy system, whereby the older kids take on the responsibility of taking care of the younger ones. We sold our house to move nearer to ICS: that’s how much we value the school.”
Sharon Friberg, Singapore


International School Singapore
25 Paterson Road
+65 6235 5844

Both of Fatima’s sons, Nooh (7) and Zian (3), have been attending the International School Singapore (ISS) since their relocation to Singapore.

“I believe that which school you choose is important; it should meet your child’s needs. After visiting Singapore twice in 2008 before moving here, we chose ISS in the end due to the warm, loving, grounded, friendly and intimate feeling that it gave us.

“Both Nooh and Zian love ISS. As a parent, seeing their faces light up when they go to school is a joy, not to mention peaceful, too. Zian has a fantastic teacher who exudes energy. The projects she works on with the children are quite advanced, as we can tell from the weekly newsletters, but she does take their tender age into account. Classes are productive, filled with fun and endless opportunities for the children to build on what they have learnt.

“ISS has only one class for preschoolers, so the demand for a place is high.”
Fatima Hajee, Kenya


Learn Different
10 Winstedt Road, Block C #01-15/16
+65 6838 1128

Sophie (6), Andrew’s younger daughter, started attending Learn Different in January 2010.

“We were given details of the school through a contact of ours and were delighted with both the friendliness and professionalism of the team, especially the hands-on approach of the principal, Sharon. She made a point of really explaining everything about the school, and made Sophie and us feel welcome and confident in the decision we made. We liked this approach, and knowing that Sophie would receive individual attention.

“Sophie finds it a friendly, happy and exciting school with lots of fun things to do. Learn Different is a school that genuinely cares about the wellbeing, education and development of your child. We are delighted at Sophie’s development since she joined, only a few months ago.”
Andrew Rick-Spearman, UK


Odyssey – The Global Preschool
101 Wilkinson Road
+65 6346 1820
Additional campuses in Singapore

Emma (2), Sabrina’s daughter, has been attending Odyssey since she was 20 months old.

“Emma is a very active and curious child, so we like the experience-centred learning methods used at Odyssey. The children experiment a lot and are free to express themselves. They have a very low child-teacher ratio, which is very important because Emma is still so young. And they have a Chinese teacher in each class who only speaks only Mandarin to the children. To our amazement, Emma is able to sing ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, little Star’ in Mandarin.

“We feel the school is progressive and dynamic, and is always evolving in line with the most up-to-date teaching methods. The health and welfare of the children is also taken very seriously and we feel the staff coped well with the health threats we went through in Singapore last year.

“Emma loves to get into her uniform to go to Odyssey each day.”
Sabrina Pinciroli Cole-Bowen, Italy


One World International School
696 Upper Changi Road East
+65 6542 2285

The elder of two children, Rohan (4) has been at One World International School (OWIS) since 2009. His sister, Shannah (2), will be joining him in August this year.

“We’re particularly impressed with the co-curricular programme embedded within the school day, as  Rohan benefits from a wide range of activities without having to extend his day. We also love the open-door policy from the class teacher and the principal. I feel that they will always make time to speak with me. I expect Rohan would say that Miss Terri and Miss Marie, his teachers, are the best things about school.

“I feel that every child is important at OWIS: the staff really love the children and the children are happy. Additionally, I like the fact that the OWIS is truly an international school with a good mix of students and teachers from around the world.”
Jasween Gill, UK


Shaws Preschool Childcare
855 Mountbatten Road and 24 Lynwood Grove
+65 6440 9192 and +65 6382 0314

Nasirah’s daughter Ashlee (3) has been attending Shaws for the past one and a half years, while Ryan (1) is on the waiting list for when he turns two.

“Shaws has a genuine caring environment – the children always come first. They focus on learning through play, exploring and activity, whether in simple shapes and numbers games or the monthly exploration excursions we all do as a group, like going to organic farms, doing neighbourhood walks and having fun treasure hunts at the beach.

“Parents are encouraged to be involved as much as they can. It is a very close, family-oriented environment for the children and preps them for big school at five or six.

“Ashlee comes home every day and talks about what she does, even calling the teachers her best friends. She feels completely comfortable and at home at Shaws. She gets to play, have adventures and learn along the way.”
Nasirah Hemy, Australia


Preschool by the Park
822 Dunearn Road
+65 6468 1180
Additional campuses in Singapore

Amelia’s twins, Iris Roseanne and Andrew (4), have both been attending Preschool by the Park at Dunearn Road since it opened in 2008.

“Preschool by the Park does things exceptionally well. Effective and frequent communication is a top priority. Our children’s teacher sends us detailed and individualised weekly reports for each child. I appreciate the regular and helpful communication and feedback on my children’s progress. The curriculum provides a wonderful variety of interesting and challenging learning activities. My children love reading books at school, learning the alphabet, their keyboard lessons and playing with their friends.

“In addition, the school is well run and organised; the staff and teachers are professional and always pleasant and loving. The teachers, the principal, the owner and all of the staff are firm but always attentive, loving and pleasant. They are uniquely devoted to the wellbeing of every child, beyond simply teaching school skills.”
Amelia White, US


Stamford American International School
11 Lorong Chuan
+65 6602 7247

Since the first day it opened in 2009, Elif has been sending her two sons, Reis (4) and Ediz (2), to the Stamford American International School (SAIS).

“When my eldest and I went to meet the admissions team, even before there was a physical school in existence, I liked the ideals and path that the school wanted to pursue. They were energetic and enthusiastic, and there was and still is a buzz that the school thrives on.

“A main factor for choosing SAIS was that my children would be a part of a school that would appreciate and understand the true meaning behind the word ‘international’. Our children have two separate heritages (British and Turkish) and are bilingual, so this was important to us.

“There is a real community spirit that is felt right through the school, which the parents get hooked into from day one. Everyone is involved in the happiness of the children, which makes for the best environment for them to fulfil their own individual potential.”
Elif Toker-Turnalar, UK


Swallows and Amazons
200 Turf Club Road
+65 6762 8158

Thomas (4), the younger of two children, has been attending Swallows and Amazons since it opened in 2008.

“Normally, children cry when their parents drop them off at school. But Thomas literally cries, on a regular basis, when I come to pick him up. It is not uncommon for me to be seen sitting in the playground for a while, waiting for Thomas to finish up and decide it’s okay to leave school.

“The curriculum is what most impresses me, as it provides a structured environment with specific learning objectives, while also allowing the creativity, individuality and self-motivation of the children to develop. Thomas gets so excited at school, playing with blocks and learning Chinese.

“The only drawback for us is that Thomas will have to move on to a different school when he gets older. It will be hard to find a school that can match the quality of education that this one provides.”
Julia Emerson, Ireland


Sunflower Baby House
200 Turf Club Road, #04-300 Turf City
+65 6463 1303

Sandrine’s daughter, Kyra (3), has been attending Sunflower Baby House since she was just a few months old.

“The manager at Sunflower Baby House took the time to explain things and answer all my questions about the safety and wellbeing of the children, as well as their development. After a few weeks, Kyra’s happy smile every time she saw her teachers showed me that I had made the right choice – not to mention the amazing things she has learned. She likes to say she’s ‘snug as a bug in a rug’ at Sunflower.

“I recommend Sunflower to all parents because of the kindness and professionalism of the teachers. I appreciate the many options available, such as Kindermusik, Speech and Drama and IQ and Phonics; the well-balanced nutritious meals served; the helpful parenting tips they give me; and the impeccable hygiene.

“All of this makes me wish they would open a branch in Europe.’
Sandrine Koths, France and Germany


Swiss School Singapore
38 Swiss Club Road
+65 6468 2117

Sandra’s two younger children, Anina (5) and Yanis (3), are currently attending the preschool at the Swiss School.

“The Swiss School is not a very big school, but a very familiar and friendly one. The children get to meet their friends and they have very nice teachers. They learn how to interact with each other: instead of fighting physically, they try to resolve an issue verbally by listening to each other’s arguments. Also, they do a lot of arts, handicrafts, music, swimming and gymnastics.

“The school celebrates Chinese New Year, takes the children to the theatre and nature reserves, prepares something for Mother’s Day and so on. Twice a year, for Christmas and the end of the school year, they put on a show for parents and friends, together with the primary class kids. It’s always a very special moment for the parents, to see our kids so happy on the stage.

“For Yanis, weekend mornings are a big penalty, because he can’t go to school. I think that’s a very good sign, and shows that he likes this school very much.”
Sandra Gysin, Switzerland


White Lodge
75E Loewen Road
+65 6475 7262

Christine and her husband arrived in Singapore almost three years ago and their twins Mia and Zachery (5) both attend White Lodge at Linden Drive.

“The school’s motto is ‘to create a lifelong love of learning’, which we thought was a wonderful ambition for a kindergarten, and we feel that they achieve this with their dedication to not only finding the right staff but constantly looking at ways they can improve on all levels.

“Every teacher knows all the children’s names, regardless of whether they are in their class or not. Their love and dedication to the children is wonderful. As the children have moved up through the classes, their previous teachers have offered so much encouragement and praise, instilling a sense of achievement and pride in Mia and Zac as they reach different milestones.”
Christine Chadwick, Australia


Yuquan Preschool
23 Middle Road #04-01/02
+65 6846 0600
Additional campuses in Singapore

The elder of two children, Zaylie (3) has been attending Yuquan Preschool since she was 18 months old.

“We searched online for all registered schools and visited about four of those that we found in this area. Our main concern was that it had to be located close to either our home or to my office. Yuquan Preschool is located between the two, so it’s convenient to take Zaylie to school in the morning and pick her up at lunchtime. Zaylie does only a half-day, as we believe that at her age it is also important to be with family as much as possible.

“We wanted Zaylie to relate to the local children and have the opportunity to learn Chinese from a very early age. The curriculum of the school permits this and the teachers conduct lessons in a fun atmosphere, which we also felt was important.

“The school does regular excursions, which Zaylie enjoys, and she seems to integrate well with the children there. They keep us informed of matters at the school and are always open to discussion.”
Judit Cano, Spain