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Pete Murray live in Singapore: We interview the Australian singer ahead of his May tour

Pete Murray has been making plenty of waves in Australia over the past ten years – and he’s been riding plenty, too. The prominent singer, songwriter, guitarist and keen surfer released his debut album, Feeler, in 2003, and has had a string of number-one hits since then. Now he’s coming to Singapore to play a show for the first time, on the back of a sold-out tour to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of Feeler. We caught Pete in a rare quiet moment and asked him about the upcoming visit.

You know you've made it as a muso when you've got a classic photo like this in your portfolio 

Most Aussie expats in Singapore will be familiar with your music, but sum up your style for those who’ve been away from home for too long, or for locals who may not have heard your stuff?
I’ve been told my voice is a little like Jack Johnson and my live show is like Bruce Springsteen… but hey, no one comes close to The Boss!

What have been the most memorable aspects of your journey in music since the 2003 release of Feeler?
There are really too many to mention but the thing that stands out to me now is that I’m still around and still getting great crowds to all the shows. I’m seeing families coming to shows now where either parents have introduced their children to my music or the children have introduced their parents to it. It’s pretty cool when you meet a whole family of fans.

We see you’ve been taking plenty of crowd “selfies” on this current tour. Are you a big social media fan or do you consider it more of a commercial necessity?
I’m not a huge fan of social media in everyday life but it’s a bit of fun while I’m on the road and it does keep your fans in touch with what you are doing. It also opens you up to an international audience and that is pretty cool.

Name three of your favourite records of all time, and a current release that you’re enjoying right now.
Neil Young, Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
Rodriguez, Cold Fact
The Doors, LA Woman
Current release: Beck, Blue Moon

Your Singapore gig is at Wave House. Will you get a chance outside of the show to ride the wave there? Have you ridden “machine” waves before? (It’s about the best we can do here, unfortunately.)
I have heard about this wave and I’m pretty keen to try it out to see what it is like. I guess one good thing about the wave is if you fall off you won’t hit a sharp reef.

Speaking of surf, you live in one of Australia’s “surf capitals”, Byron Bay. How often do you surf? Where’s your favourite wave down there?
I try and surf as often as I can but I get pretty busy with work and looking after my boys. I always find that when I’m working or I have my boys the surf is good and when I’m free it is pretty ordinary. Some how I have to change my routine to fit in with mother nature. I surf most of the local breaks but my favourite spot is right out in front of my house and I can’t tell you where that is!

Getting fired up for the Singapore visit with a pot of Kopi O 

You’ve surfed in Asia, too – got a favourite spot? (or are you going to keep it a secret like most Aussies!)
I surfed some great breaks in the Mentawai and Telo islands. Too many good places to just pick one.

Tell us about any previous Singapore experiences – holiday? Transit? Decent times?
I’ve only ever passed through on the way to other places so I’m really looking forward to seeing it for the first time.

Singapore’s a huge food town, of course, so I’m sure readers will be interested to hear that you’ve recently opened a restaurant in Byron Bay. What’s the food/vibe?
The restaurant and bar has been a lot of fun. I’m really enjoying eating and not having to clean up. We serve a lot of local seafood and farmers’ produce – head here to check it out.

As someone who played a lot of rugby before the curse of injury struck, how do you think Australia is looking for the Rugby World Cup next year?
I’m always confident we can get a great team together before the World Cup. There are a lot of fine players at the moment and I like Ewen McKenzie as a coach also. I think with the right team he can pull of a victory!

Pete Murray performs at Wave House, Sentosa, on 17 May. Tickets are available now from Sistic.