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Pet insurance in Singapore: Get lifetime cover for your dog or cat

Listen up, pet parents! Your four-legged friend may be part of your family, but have you considered the dent unexpected veterinary bills could make in your savings should they become ill or be involved in an accident and need medical treatment? Pretty sizeable is the answer, which is why we’re thrilled that pet insurance, popular in countries such as the UK and US, is gaining momentum in Singapore, with one provider Happy Tails celebrating their 1st anniversary on 6 February 2016!

Sign up for a Purrfect plan for cats and kittens or one of three plan options for dogs and puppies (Fur, Furry and Furball, depending on your budget) from as little as $1 per day, and you’ll have peace of mind that your pet will receive only the best medical care should they require surgical treatment following an accident, injury or illness (pre-existing conditions excluded, of course). Even cutting-edge keyhole surgery is covered, but more on that later.

Don't go barking up the wrong tree when it comes to pet insurance
Don’t go barking up the wrong tree when it comes to pet insurance


Underwritten by MSIG Singapore and arranged by Aon Singapore, Happy Tails is the only online pet insurance in Singapore that provides lifetime coverage, including specified hereditary and congenital conditions (subject to a waiting period of 12 months), and covers up to 80% of medical and surgical expenses (less deductible) arising from accidents and illness, including cancer surgery and chemotherapy. Throw in legal liabilities cover of up to $500,000, a high annual limit of up to $12,500 for dogs, a no-claim discount of up to 15%, and the option to visit any licensed veterinarian in Singapore, and it’s a no-brainer why Rover and Rusty should join the litter of Happy Tails’ clientele.

But back to keyhole surgery (laparascopy), the minimally invasive procedure that’s performed using tiny video cameras and fine instruments via incisions in abdominal or chest cavities. Dr. Brian Loon (BVMS, IVAS), principal veterinary surgeon at Amber Vet clinic, and Dr Eugene Lin (BVSc), founder of The Animal Ark Veterinary Group, are two veterinarians in Singapore that practise laparascopy for a host of treatments, including gastrointestinal foreign body obstructions, biopsies, bladder stone and thoracic surgery, and laparoscopic female sterilisation (‘the most commonly performed laparoscopic surgery’, according to Dr Lin).

So what are the benefits of keyhole surgery procedures versus normal surgeries? ‘They’re less painful than standard surgery by 65-75%,’ says Dr Loon. ‘They also greatly reduced risk of wound dehiscence and infection due to much smaller wound size, and a quicker return to normal activity within 2 to 3 days, compared to at least 2 to 3 weeks of restricted activity after normal abdominal surgery.’ We know which we’d rather for our precious pooch or puss, but prices can range from $1,200-$1,500 for routine laparoscopic surgery, to upwards of $5,000 for complex laparoscopic procedures, such as Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery. And, apart from spaying and neutering, these surgeries are covered by Happy Tails. Thank goodness for pet insurance then, eh!

Joining Happy Tails is simple and you can get a no-obligation quote or sign up for comprehensive cover from your desktop or mobile, but if you’d like to know more, like Happy Tails on Facebook or contact them on happytails.sg@aon.com. Top tip: Register your pet between 16 weeks and under 4 years old and enjoy even greater lifetime savings!

Disclaimer: This advertorial is not a contract of insurance. Full details of the terms, conditions and exclusions of this insurance can be found in the policy wording on our website at www.aonhappytails.com.