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Pet hotels in Singapore: New ultra-luxury lodge The Wagington for dogs and cats

Jetting off on a lovely holiday and feeling guilty about leaving your canine companion behind? Don’t fret – now you can ensure that your pooch has its own snazzy vacay at The Wagington, a new, swanky pet hotel.  Even we’d be pretty content in a pad like this…


Lounging in a snazzy crib
Lounging in a snazzy crib


Nestled in the upscale Dempsey district, this ‘five star’ hotel boasts 27 air-conditioned suites of different sizes to house up to three dogs each – big or small. The top-tier Royal Suite even has a chandelier and a telly, for pets who love the goggle box (and, er, diamonds). All pups who check in will get to snooze on soft faux leather orthopaedic beds and blankies (that’ll make up for the times we’ve booted ’em out of our beds).

Aside from the plush rooms, the hotel provides lots of other frills to keep the pups occupied. All dogs are taken for pack walks around the Doghill Garden every morning (covered with artificial grass for those with sensitive paws) and are welcome to paddle in the bone-shaped swimming pool. If the weather’s being a spoilsport, naturally there’s an indoor treadmill.


Basking in the sun (and attention)
Basking in the sun (and attention)


For a dose of invigorating TLC, the dogs can make their way to the salon and indulge in mud masks, aromatherapy facials, head massages, paw-dicures and even coloured fur tints. Nice! How about some star treatment for us owners, eh?

If you have a cat, your feline doesn’t have to be left yowling with jealousy. Pusses are welcome to stay too – with specialised suites and climbing trees for their comfort.

Clamouring to check your privileged pets in? The Wagington is at 27B Loewen Road. All pets must be vaccinated, spayed and free of ticks before they become guests.