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Personal trainers in Singapore: EL readers on their newfound favourite fitness routines

With so many travel opportunities and a packed social calendar, it can be difficult to maintain a disciplined exercise regime in Singapore. Four Expat Living readers tell us how choosing personal training has improved their lives.

Rochelle Angus, New Zealand

13 years in Singapore


I first met Karine Gauthier, owner of Body Temple, seven years ago through a couple of friends. I had great results at that time and completed my first half-marathon. I have trained on and off over the years, but earlier this year I became serious about getting fit and healthy again.

In addition to my twice-weekly personal training, I’ve also completed a 10-week Body Blitz class. The focus was to lose weight through improving nutrition and increasing fitness. I had the biggest transformation with a 6kg and 42cm loss! It was truly motivating and everyone involved had great results.

I really like the personal training at Body Temple, particularly the core and strength work; that’s the bit I struggle to make myself do on my own. Having a trainer keeps me accountable and I always work much harder with one – it seems I always have those extra five squats in me. My sessions are varied so I don’t get bored with repetition.

I love that it’s a small, women-only gym with encouraging and supportive trainers; it is a very positive environment.

Body Temple

75 Loewen Road

9100 8714 | bodytemple.com.sg

Ruth Perrin, US

9 months in Singapore


Back in the US, I was working full-time and taking care of two small children. Now that I’m in Singapore and no longer working, I can focus on getting fit and living a healthier lifestyle.

My husband and I wanted to work out together. Vanan from EzFit has done an outstanding job designing personal training sessions that benefit both of us, even though our fitness levels and goals are very different. He goes out of his way to make sessions convenient for his clients. All of the sessions are held at or near my condo and he is very flexible with dates and times and works to accommodate my schedule.

Vanan has also led boot camp sessions for my friends and me. He is a very good motivator, and his sessions are never boring as he brings in a variety of equipment so I never know what to expect.

I’ve lost over 30 pounds and I feel myself getting stronger with each session. I have more energy and just feel better in general. At times, my progress has seemed slow; but over a six-to-eight-month period, it really adds up. My best tip is to find a partner to exercise with; it makes the workout time go by faster.


9007 9742 | ezfit.sg

Allison Hedger, Australia

7 years in Singapore


My husband first started with Fitness Factory to help rehabilitate his knee after a knee reconstruction as well as to lose the weight he had gained. He saw results immediately, which made me want to go along to lose a few extra kilos myself.

Initially, my main focus for the personal training sessions was to lose weight. After 12 months, I decided to run my first half-marathon, and my training at Fitness Factory was changed to assist me to reach this goal. I also started having weekly restorative stretching sessions to help recover after running. Since I started at Fitness Factory I have lost 10kg and kept it off, and I completed my first half-marathon last December.

The trainers take a genuine interest in my progress and are very knowledgeable. They have a complete approach to health and fitness and always ensure the correct technique is applied when using the equipment and exercising. I like that they personalise each client’s programme based on what he or she wants to achieve.

Fitness Factory

82 Boat Quay, #03-01

6535 0851 | fitnessfactory.com.sg

Jun M. Sugandhi, Indonesia

Over 10 years in Singapore

I decided to join a gym because I wanted to look good. I lived in Hong Kong before moving here, and Pure Fitness was the “it” place to hang out and exercise as the ambience was great and service was excellent. The same can be said for the two Pure Fitness outlets in Singapore.

I’m clumsy at dancing and would probably cause havoc if I were to join one of the many aerobics classes available, so I opted for a more tailored approach to improve my cardiovascular health, strength, flexibility and endurance with the aid of a qualified personal trainer.

I used to be really skinny and was called “Matchstick” in school because of my huge head and skinny body. Even though the journey ahead is still long and I’ve not fully reached my goal, I’ve seen lots of improvements since the day I signed up for personal training.

The return on investment for looking good is definitely high even though it may be painful initially.

Pure Fitness

8 Marina View

Asia Square Tower 1, Level 6