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Pay rent and expenses and earn a holiday escape

At Expat Living, we’re big on great escapes. And we’ve just discovered a way to get away more often, without splashing any more cash. It’s a new service website which lets you pay your rent securely online and earn big rewards. Score free flights, holidays, shopping and dining vouchers simply by making those usual dreaded monthly payments. You can take a relaxing Asian vacay, or pop home to surprise your family.

But iPaymy isn’t just about the holidays. It’s also a practical tool for renters in Singapore. “It’s a reliable and convenient way to pay rent and service providers, who may not otherwise accept credit cards,” explains customer, Luke. Moving into a leased property in Singapore is an experience, to say the least. Negotiating rental contracts, navigating the strange new world of maintenance requirements and finding local tradies can be super stressful.

Pay rent with iPay and win a Maldives holiday
Pay your rent and win a holiday to the Maldives

This new site makes the whole experience easier and smoother by helping to:

1. Help safeguard your deposit

Landlords want big cash deposits upfront. With so many horror stories around about seized payments, anything you can do to protect your cash the better. You’ll be better able to prove the condition of your property at the time you moved in by storing photos within the ‘My Documents’ feature, avoiding arguments (and a whole lot of pain) so you get your hard earned cash deposit back down the line.

2. Set and forget lease obligations

Simply upload your rental agreement and set alerts for the site to remind you when it’s time for your air con service or your annual curtain clean. You won’t be caught out at the end of your lease because you’ve forgotten your maintenance requirements. Simply upload a snap of maintenance receipts each time and they’ll be stored away. No paper, no fuss.

Pay your rent with iPay
Take the stress out of renting in Singapore, and be rewarded

3. You don’t need a local bank account

You’ve just arrived in Singapore– and you need to pay your security or good faith deposit to secure your rental property… but you don’t have a local bank account or credit card. Agghh! Don’t panic. By signing up, you can use your existing credit card to pay deposits and rental payments. No need to undergo the hassle (and huge expense) of transferring cash from overseas.

4. Pay your rent online, anytime

Anywhere, anytime – pay your rent securely with a single click. It really couldn’t be simpler. Your credit card will be charged for your rent plus a small 2.6% service fee, and you’re closer to your next holiday. And you aren’t the only one smiling – your landlord will love getting paid on time too (and they don’t need to do a thing)!

Pay your rent with iPay and receive holiday rewards
Just by paying your bills you can earn rewards and enjoy a break like this

5. It’s not just for rent

You can pay property deposits and other big bills too, like school fees, supplier payments or trade services.

6. It’s super secure

Sensitive information about credit cards and personal identification aren’t stored on the servers. All your private information is encrypted in off-site servers, so you can rest easy.

7. Access trusted local tradies

During your first few months in a new country, it’s hard to know where to buy a decent loaf of bread, let alone find a plumber or a sparky that you can rely on. The team at iPaymy are busy building a new feature to give you easy access to a whole database of trustworthy local tradespeople – so you can worry about sourdough, not blocked sinks. Stay tuned!

Who loves free holidays? We all love free holidays!
iPaymy is giving one lucky couple a trip to the Maldives!!! Head to ipaymy.com for details.