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Fashionistas! Here’s how to save on shipping your fave U.S. brands to Singapore

It always seems like such a clever idea to restock your wardrobe on home turf when you’re back for your annual break (wider range and cheaper prices and all that). The reality? A frenzied rush around the nearest mall with jetlagged children in tow, before tearing off to afternoon tea with Great Aunt Betty. But there’s another alternative to grinning and bearing Singapore’s cha-ching price-tags when shopping for the latest trends – and that’s to wave au revoir to the middleman and ship your favourite labels in directly from the USA. Who doesn’t love the ease of online shopping?

But what if the US retailer you’ve bookmarked doesn’t offer international delivery or quotes half the cost of the hot pink Kate Spade wallet you’re lusting after to post your parcel to you? Fret not, folks. Nifty shipping and consolidation services like PacMe.com make it their business to make shopping and shipping totally viable. All you have to do is sign up for a FREE account over at PacMe.com before hitting up your favourite US websites and entering your personal (and sales tax-free!) PacMe address at checkout to shave muchos dollars off your wardrobe tally.

Online shopping made easy, here’s how:

Online shopping in the US from Singapore - PacMe
Shop away on US websites and ship to Singapore for a snip of what you’d normally pay here

Want to know the best bit? The more you shop and ship, the more you save. By super-sizing your spree, you’ll be able to bring the average $/kg rate right down. Smaller parcels ain’t clever economics as the first few kilograms of any shipment are always the most expensive. Bundle your goods together, however, and when your stash hits 10 to 15kgs, you’ll cash in on lower shipping fees as the savings with PacMe’s pals over at UPS and FedEx really kick in. That’s right – go big or go to Orchard Road!

PacMe will then log each of your incoming packages, scan the invoices, upload photos of the items and store it all for up to 30 days free of charge until every last one of your orders has been ticked off. Then, PacMe’s expert repackers can set to work tucking each purchase inside a single, super-strong, double-walled box and you can sit tight waiting for your haul to arrive at your door in Singapore. Hello, Mr Delivery Man!

Don’t just take our word for it. Check our PacMe’s customer testimonials for first-hand reviews on shopping and shipping made easy.

EL offer: Sign up for your FREE account (valued at $40) over at PacMe.com now!

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Back from holiday and forgot to pick up a bargain? It’s easy to order bulk from the US and save money when it comes to postage.