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P. Gnani arts exhibition in Singapore: We chat to the artist about his new works


12 – 23 September

The Gallery of Gnani Arts

Monday to Saturday 10am to 7pm

Sunday 10am to 6pm

After exhibiting his paintings and sculptures in New Delhi, Kuala Lumpur, Bangalore, Mumbai and New York, P. Gnana’s solo art collection arrives in Singapore. We asked the artist about his exhibition entitled, Nothing Else But Love.

1. What inspired this new series of artwork and the exhibition?

I have been working on the theme of love, from multiple perspectives, since the beginning of my career as an artist. Even with my signature portrayals of the cow, the underlying theme has usually been love in its many forms and possibilities. I seem to have arrived at the concept of the collection for this exhibition through a genuine and natural process. What really changes is the visual and aesthetic approach that I undertake in my artwork from time to time. The overriding concept in my artwork – be it painting or sculpture – is never far away from love.

2. How have your techniques, colours and the objects you use changed?

My fascination with the technique of collage in my paintings began in the first few years of my career. Today, collage is back in my art, but this time, on both sculpture and painting. And the manner in which I manipulate fabric and found materials has evolved. When I rendered collage in my art many years ago, the technique itself was the ruling element. Today, in my artwork, the concept overshadows my collage rendition. It is an amazing process. Together with collage, I use many layers of oil colour, my preferred medium, with techniques rendered by the palette knife. During the creative process, in many instances, the colour combinations of fabric and oils create unexpected magic on canvas.

3. What are the size and price range of the pieces on display?

The smallest paintings are 50cm x 50cm and the largest ones are 200cm x 200cm. Prices are from $1,500 to $13,800.


The Gallery of Gnani Arts

19 Tanglin Road

#01-17 Tanglin Shopping Centre