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Outstanding preschool education program for little achievers

Are you looking for a preschool program for your little one, but haven’t found the right one yet?  The EL team is already looking ahead for those wanting to start in August or September and checking the latest additions to early years education in Singapore. As a starter, here are just a few things that impressed us with the Early Years Specialist Program from age two at Stamford American International School.

Stamford American school bilingual classes
Stamford American School offers Mandarin and Spanish bilingual programs from age two

Bilingual programs from age two
Stamford American acknowledges the benefits of introducing languages in the early stages of children’s education. Two of the most widely spoken languages globally – Mandarin and Spanish – are part of their core curriculum from age two. Families may choose between daily language lessons or bilingual immersion programs. A bilingual program offers more intensive instruction in developing multi-lingual communication through equal daily exposure to both languages, so that your child will conveniently absorb a new language while carrying out their daily activities.

Stamford American School, violin classes, music classes
Stamford American School is the first and only school in Singapore to offer Suzuki Violin from age three

Suzuki Violin Program from age three
Learning to play an instrument is known to have long-term benefits for children in terms of posture, focus and gross-motor skills. At Stamford American children can start playing violin from as early as three under the world renowned Suzuki Violin Program. The Suzuki philosophy of encouragement, listening and learning with others, fosters children’s emotional awareness and creative development. While catching the music bug, young musicians will learn cognitive and social skills that will contribute to their upcoming years of education.

Stamford American School PE classes, physical education program
Stamford American International School offers an innovative physical education program for the little preschoolers

Innovative physical education programs for early years
Physical education is highly appreciated at Stamford American. The early years physical education programs exploit the strong link between the development of children’s gross motor skills and excelling in the classroom. SMART Steps, a program commencing from age two and progressing to the Perceptual Motor Program commencing from age three assess each child’s skill development to support their reading, writing, focus, perceptual awareness and attention development, while they are having fun with enjoyable activities.

Stamford American School, healthy school lunch
Stamford American School encourages healthy eating with family style lunches in their early years program

Focus on healthy eating and table etiquette
The importance of nutritious and healthy food gets attention too at Stamford American as they pair up with Celebrity Chef Emmanuel Stroobant to create a delicious family style lunch menu for young students. There is no need for packed lunches anymore, as the food offered at school is 25% organic, nutrient intense and guaranteed MSG free.

Open House
If you’re intrigued and would like to know more about Stamford American International School, register here for the Open House on 13 May. You will join the tour at the world-class campus and meet with teachers in the learning environment that is carefully designed and created for your little preschooler!

Stamford American International School
1 Woodleigh Lane (Off Upper Serangoon Road)
6602 7247 | admissions@sais.edu.sg

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