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Outdoor toys for all ages

Quit staring at those screens and head outside for some “old-fashioned” fun instead! If anyone needs convincing, some new outdoor toys for you and the whole family should seal the deal. From scooters and skateboards to swingballs and footballs – there’s plenty to choose from. Here we check out six great outdoor items from White and Black Trading that’ll have you all set for a great day out!


#1 Ezyroller

Ezyroller white and black trading
Cruise along on the Ezyroller

Ever dreamt of owning a personal go-kart? Sit back on the Ezyroller and make the other kids (or adults) jealous!

What’s great about it?

With a tough and durable steel frame, this little number is made to last. Lean back in the waterproof canvas seat and cruise along by moving your legs from side to side. There’s also a handy brake handle and the option to add an extension to accommodate longer legs. You can also choose the Pro version that caters to adult weights and heights.

Fast facts:

  • Price: $168 (Ezyroller Classic) and $195 (Ezyroller Pro)
  • Rider weight: Up to 100kg
  • Colours: Neon green, purple and neon red (Ezyroller Classic) and orange and black (Ezyroller Pro)


#2 Penny Skateboards

Penny skateboard white and black trading
Be the envy of the sidewalk

Penny Skateboards is known for its colourful boards and accessories, and you can customise yours to suit your personality.

What’s great about it?

With these in 22-, 23- and 36-inch (longboard) skateboards, you can make a statement with a graphic print and glow series, or stay simple with classic colours and pastels. Choose your decks, trucks, wheels and add panel stickers for some extra colour. Made in Australia, these quality skateboards work well for all ages.

Penny skateboard white and black trading
The best thing is that you can customise your board!

Fast facts:

  • Price: $175 to $280 (depending on size)
  • Rider weight: Up to 100kg
  • Product weight: Around 2kg
  • Colours: Single colours and patterns


#3 Quick Play Football Nets

Quickplay folding goal white and black trading
How about a football match?

Can’t say no to a game of footie? With the Quick Play Sports Goal you’ll be ready for a game in no time!

What’s great about it?

Easily folded flat and stored, these goal posts are perfect for taking with you on the go. They can be set up in a jiffy with just a few twists and turns. Made of sturdy steel and fibreglass, they come in different sizes, depending on your needs, and in several varieties, including regular goal posts, rebounder nets and two-in-ones.

Fast facts:

  • Price: From $140
  • Weight: From 10kg
  • Sizes: Various


#4 Crazy Catch

crazy catch white and black trading
Take a test of your coordination

Both big and little kids will have a blast with the Crazy Catch. Made in New Zealand, this ball game can keep everyone entertained outside for hours.

What’s great about it?

Crazy Catch allows all ages to keep fit and challenge their coordination. Simply throw a ball at the net and it rebounds back at you. The nets come in various types such as the Upstart, Freestyle (portable with handles), Wild Child and Professional, and you can choose a single-sided one or a double-sided one (Double Trouble) for extra fun and unpredictability.

Fast facts:

  • Price: $90 to $275
  • Weight: 5 to 8kg
  • Colours: Green orange, red and blue


#5 Micro Trike Deluxe

micro trike white and black trading
Perfect for heading out and about with the kids

Little ones will love riding about on the Micro Trike Deluxe – it’s perfect for a day out at the park or the beach.

What’s great about it?

Lightweight and compact, this sleek ride works magic with toddlers. They’ll have a blast cruising along while you run errands or head outdoors. Don’t worry about them accidentally falling off as there’s now a new safety belt that will keep them safe and strapped in.

Fast facts:

  • Price: $145
  • Rider weight: Up to 20kg
  • Scooter weight: 1.9kg
  • Colours: Metallic blue, pink and gold


#6 Micro Wagon

Micro wagon white and black trading
Load ’em up!

Need a place to store your outing essentials while out and about? There’s no need to lug them around with the Micro Wagon.

What’s great about it?

Store your food, drinks, toys and more in this handy trolley. Decked out in durable polyester, it’s equipped with a rain cover that’ll keep your items dry and dust-free. It even works well on rough and uneven surfaces.

Fast facts:

  • Price: $168
  • Rider weight: Up to 100kg
  • Scooter weight: 10kg
  • Colour: Black


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