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Online shopping: The cheapest way to buy gorgeous home furnishings in Singapore

New to Singapore and need to fill a whole home with furnishings? Or simply dying to give your apartment a little extra pizzazz? As you all know, shopping online tends to be the cheapest option when it comes to… well, most items in Singapore, plus it’s often easier to track down the style you like. Whether you’re hunting for a shabby chic duvet set or vintage-style curtains, you can generally find exactly what you’re after – for less – by looking further afield. Being pros when it comes to online shopping, we can confidently say that America is generally the best place to nail those bargains, with many US sites selling designer gear for so much less.

But how do you get those bargains when you don’t have a US address or if the site won’t ship to Singapore?

This is where PacMe comes in. It’s pretty simple – you can shop as much as you like across your favourite websites – simply using PacMe‘s base as your US address. The team there will receive your purchases, take photos of everything to send you, consolidate the items and repack them into a single, tightly-packed box.


Essentially, to get the most of your money, it’s best to buy LOTS of items and ask PacMe to consolidate everything into one shipment. Because it’s the repacking that really saves you cash. Say, for example, that you buy a set of saucepans for the kitchen. Even in the smallest box PacMe can pop them into, there’s likely to be room for a box of cutlery, six tea towels, some kitchen knives, an oven glove and so on. Even if you buy them from different stores, PacMe will wait for everything to arrive (storing them is free) and pack it together for shipping when you give the green light. They’ll then send it to you based on the cheapest shipping quote they can find according to the delivery speed you’re looking for.

TIP: EL readers can sign up to PacMe for free – normally users have to pay $40 for a lifetime membership, but they’re waiving the fee just for you. Simply sign up here and enter promo code “Expat” (there’s no expiration date on this code!).

Now – onto the shopping. Need some styling inspiration? We’ve trawled through some of our favourite home décor sites in the US and found some lust-worthy buys. Check out our picks below…


Want to buy the items above, like, now? See below for the direct links:
1. Treshold Tufted Round Storage Ottoman, $107.81, Target
2. Turquoise Tiles Outdoor Throw Pillow, $40.42, World Market
3. Morrison Collection Shabby Chic Upcycled Distressed Picture Frame Set of 10 by Hyde and Chic Boutique, $83.04, Etsy
4. Happy Chic 3-piece Comforter and Accessories by Johnathan Adler Claire, $54.30-$63.30, JCPenny
5. Mother-of-Pearl Floor Pillar Stands, $67.33-$80.80, Pier 1
6.  Nate Berkus Wood Resin Inlay Tray, $40.42, Target
7.  Rustic Pallet Wood Wall Clock by Goathopper, $69.20, Etsy
8. Lagoon Metal Dimitri Outdoor Stool, $107.81, World Market
9. Grey Decorative Pillow Covers by Castaway Cove Decor, $13.84 each, Etsy
10.  Lily Indoor/Outdoor Rug in Navy Blue, $66.04-$470.40, Pottery Barn

Before you shop! Check out PacMe’s top tips for making the most of American stores…
– Items like pillows or comforters are made up of mostly air so be sure to add heavier items to your shipment to save on dimensional weight charges.
– Some stores like Target and World Market do not ship to Singapore. Others like Pottery Barn do, but will charge you more when asked to convert to Singapore dollars.
– The sneaky squirrels in the US store remove any discounts offered to American customers when they deliver to Singapore. So, be sure to use PacMe’s US address to receive the lowest possible price –because the warehouse is in Oregon, you can shop sales tax-free.
– Before you buy, have a look around for online promo codes that could give you extra savings on your purchases. There are often lots around, plus most can only be used for purchases sent to a US address.
– The first few kg of any shipment is always the most expensive. The savings really kick in when you ship more than 15kg at a time. So, remember, the more you ship, the more you save…!
– It’s possible to ship bigger items like huge rugs and small pieces of furniture, but read up on how PacMe can help you with the process here.
– Remember, EL readers can sign up for a lifetime membership to PacMe for free (saving you $40). Simply head here and enter promo code “Expat”.