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No plastic surgery required! We try these great deals on beauty treatments for your next manicure, facial, tummy tuck or facelift

By: Rebecca Bisset

At Le Petit Spa, Rebecca Bisset reviews a mini-facelift that doesn’t hurt or require any downtime, plus a very cool “get rid of your tummy” treatment.  We also have great deals on five of their top spa treatments. Le Petit Spa is in a central location next to Tanglin Mall; although it looks fairly small from the outside, you’ll find five treatment rooms and a mani-pedi lounge on the inside.


I am 52, and there’s definitely a sense of gravity taking over. My treatments need to be uplifting, and I need to have them done more regularly. What Laura at Le Petite Spa suggests I try is quite remarkable: the ReFa, a small platinum coated roller that’s often used for eye-contouring, but can also be used to treat the whole face. This “solar-energised roller” is a Japanese invention that delivers micro-currents to contour facial skin, even the gentle under-eye area.

She follows that up with Sharplight, a relaxing infrared treatment with three different pulse configurations that target the reticular dermis (the lower layer of the skin). In layman’s terms, Sharplight helps increase collagen growth, improving the texture of your skin while plumping it up. Basically, it makes you look younger and fresher.  It can also help with uneven pigmentation and broken veins.

The verdict: The therapist lets me look in the mirror after she’s done the first side, and the difference is huge! (I’ve bought one for myself to start using it at home – I should look 21 by January!)

The ReFa, a platinum covered, solar-energised roller that's for more than just eye contouring!
The ReFa, a platinum covered, solar-energised roller that’s for more than just eye contouring!

Tummy-tuck trial

So, now my face is beautiful – but then I look down and see my stomach lurking there!  Gravity is affecting that area, too, and the cellulite is becoming more visible.  Laura suggests their MDD Solution, which delivers radio frequency (RF) energy five centimetres into the dermis to reduce flaccidity and cellulite. This isn’t painful like some other tummy treatments I’ve tried; it’s actually quite relaxing.

Further steps are optional. You can choose one of three wraps: the first using a solution that promotes drainage, the second addressing cellulite and drainage, and the third targeting really tough cellulite.  They bind you up in bandages before putting you into a compression system – imagine something like a sleeping bag that massages you – for 30 minutes. The massage effect encourages absorption of the solution and maximises its efficiency; it also stimulates lymph action to help get rid of toxins, reduce water retention and improve skin tone and elasticity.

The verdict: It’s quite an interesting sensation – like one of those leg massaging machines at the airport, but all over your body. A series of these treatments can help you lose up to 5kg in weight, I’m told.

There’s heaps more to beautify you at this little haven. To get you moving along the beauty treadmill, Laura’s got some special trial offers for our readers.

Top 5 Beauty Treats

1. First trial MDD without wrap, $49 each 20-minute session; MDD Full Solution with wrap, $150 (60-minute RF plus 20-minute wrap)

2. First trial Sharplight skin rejuvenation only, $88 (usually $280); Sharplight skin rejuvenation plus skin-tightening $128 (usually $380)

3. First trial manicure and pedicure $49 (usually $66)

4. Treat the Feet (leg massage, classic pedicure and paraffin wax), $59 (usually $120)

5. ReFa Eye Contouring: (ReFa eye massage, plus eye lift serum plus eye contour mask), $68

To find more beauty treatments and deals, SMS 9006 5725 with your name and phone number, and the words “EL Special”, for a 20 percent discount on all other services! For more information on Le Petit Spa’s full range of treatments, visit their website.

Le Petit Spa
, #02-01/04 Tudor Court Shopping Gallery, 145 Tanglin Road, 6733 7117

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