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New restaurants at Capitol Theatre: Kaiserhaus’ old world charm comes to the redeveloped conservation zone

Kaiserhaus, at the beautifully refurbished Capitol Theatre on Stamford Road, brings you the best cuisine from the distinguished Habsburg Empire, including old world wines, craft beers, pastries and desserts. With décor to suit and an iconic Viennese coffeehouse culture to bask in, it won’t be difficult.


For those of you who aren’t history buffs, the Habsburg Empire’s borders stretched from Austria-Hungary to the Balkan Seas. Now, the cuisine from the rich multi-cultural heritage of over a dozen nations that made up the empire comes to Singapore for the first time. Kaiserhaus Executive Chef Hans Lüftenegger, originally from Austria, is excited about preparing dishes steeped in such rich heritage.

“We have done a lot of research on the dishes that were served up during the Habsburg rule – this was a very interesting journey for us as well. Our diners will come very close to tasting those glorious flavours that resulted from the diverse cultures. This was the true, original melting pot of Europe. We’re committed to preserving the ambience of the grand, luxurious time of the Habsburg Empire, as an ode to its rich tradition.”


Chef’s recommendations:

  1. The Tafelspitz was a firm favourite of Franz Josef I., the celebrated former Emperor of Austria-Hungary. This gourmet beef dish made from two premium cuts of grain-fed beef – rump and oyster blade – is simmered for hours and served in a traditional copper pot. The combination of mixed root vegetables, bone marrow and Chef’s secret Kaiserhaus spices ensures the broth is rich with lots of hearty flavours. Tafelspitz is served up with toasted rye bread, crispy Rösti potatoes, creamed spinach and spicy horseradish sauce.

  2. An Austrian national dish, the well-known Wiener Schnitzel, is also not to be missed. You can order either the pork or veal escalope completed with a delicate golden layer of breadcrumbs.

  3. For a taste of the Balkans, there is the popular Ćevapčići (pronounced che-vap-chee-chee) – spicy grilled skinless beef sausages, served with homemade Rösti, and Ajvar, a type of relish made primarily from red bell peppers.

  4. The Bohemian Pork Roast is served with a natural jus, Gabelkraut (a slightly sweeter variation of Sauerkraut), and Semmelknödel (bread dumplings).

  5. If you’re in a group, the Kaiserhaus Platter is the perfect order. This magnificent selection of signature dishes from the former Austrian-Hungarian Empire includes Backhendl – Viennese fried chicken – Bohemian Pork Roast and Ćevapčići.


Desserts and pastries:

Each day, Kaiserhaus Executive Pastry Chef Patrick Schilling, formerly from Zauner pâtisserie will prepare up to 30 different types of exquisite pastries. The mouth-watering showcase will not just be for guests at the restaurant – all sweet-addicts are encouraged to take a slice of the perfectly baked cakes and pastries home. Orders for some of the more elaborate creations can be placed for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions.

Kaiserhaus has partnered with Zauner, a renowned Austrian pâtisserie established in 1832 that is still known for some of the finest selection of sweet delicacies in Europe. Zauner was the “Imperial and Royal Purveyor to the Court”, the preferred supplier of confectionery to the Austrian imperial family in the 19th century, and Kaiserhaus becomes the only restaurant in Asia offering these delectable pastries and desserts.

In particular, the all-time favourite amongst Austrians is the Zaunerstollen, a luscious nougat praline mixture of wafers, hazelnuts and chocolate. Meinl coffee, a brand that has been serving its customers one of Europe’s finest coffees for over five generations is perfect with Kaiserhaus’ sweet delectable assortment.


Wine and beers:

In line with the Austrian-Hungarian concept of the restaurant, only signature imported craft beers celebrating century-old traditions and recipes from Czech Republic and Austria are served. Available on tap is Hirter, with its elegant hoppy pilsner, as well as a unique dark specialty beer, both brewed using only the highest quality natural ingredients and without any pasteurisation. Hirter is a small family owned brewery that has proudly retained its roots from 1270, making it one of the world’s oldest and finest.

The boutique wine list is focused on the internationally increasingly popular cold climate wines from the former Habsburg Empire region. It features reds, whites and sparkling wines from Austria, Northern Italy, Slovenia and Croatia, and includes regional specialties such as the highly reputable Tokaj wine from Hungary.



The majestic splendour of the Habsburg Empire is reflected in the restaurant’s architecture and interior design. Dark wood tables, leather armchairs and chandeliers are reminiscent of hallowed literary grounds. The winding staircase is the central focus of Kaiserhaus, open and regal, as a gesture of warm welcome and hospitality. The floors are paved with large marble tiles to add to the elegance of the restaurant, while the displayed collectibles are personally sourced from around the world.

Address: Capitol Theatre, 17 Stamford Road, #02-06 and #03-06, Singapore 178907
Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday, 10.30am-12am; Friday and Saturday, 10.30am -1am
Reservations: reservations@kaiserhaus.com.sg
E-mail: enquiries@kaiserhaus.com.sg