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New expats in Singapore: We chat to Andy, fresh off the boat

Name: Andy Jackson
Age: 44
Nationality: British/Australian
Job: Brand director for FourFourTwo & Stuff magazines

Any Aston Villa fans out there for Andy?

When did you move to Singapore?
First weekend in October.

Bigger opportunity in the company I’d worked for in Australia for 12 years.

Where do you live?
Mount Sinai, Holland Village. Our office is in Queenstown, so it’s very handy. And where we live is very peaceful and great for our two dogs, Aston and Boo.

What’s best about the condo?
There aren’t too many units, and it’s a big apartment. The facilities are great as well. It’s also a good location for walking the dogs nearby. As you can now tell, the dogs rule our lives!

Here with a partner or on your own?
Here with my wife Sam and… 

Yes, we know, you’ve got two dogs… Is the wife working here as well or lounging by the pool all day?
Not as yet but plans to be early in the new year.

Is it the MRT/bus to work, or a taxi ten minutes after waking up?
I’m an early riser so if the weather is okay I’ll use public transport, but if it’s looking dodgy I’ll try and nab an early cab.

Do you eat the local hawker food?
Absolutely, I love it. There’s an incredible range of food here at unbelievable value.

What is your favourite dish?
It would have to be mee goreng.

Joined any clubs or societies yet?
Not yet. I’m still trying to locate the Singapore branch of the Aston Villa Supporters Club.

That might be a fruitless search… What has been the biggest culture shock about moving to Asia?
Nothing really. I have to say that, compared to Australia, it’s been an absolute dream setting up utilities, internet, mobile phone and cable TV here. Great service.

What’s the best thing about living in Singapore?
The curries – top drawer Indian food here.

Where else have you travelled to since you got here?
We’ve not had time! I’ve been to KL for work but that’s it so far. We plan to get away for a few days over Christmas.

What do you miss most about home?
Until this week I’d have said my bed, sofa and TV, but our delayed shipment from Sydney landed this week. I’ll miss the long surf beaches for walking the dogs. Sentosa doesn’t really compare to Sydney, but then we knew that when we decided to come. A very small downside.