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Negroni Week: Bumper Bar Listing + Video

Negroni Week began in 2013 as a charitable way for bars around the world to celebrate the simplistic, famed Negroni cocktail. Money from each drink sold is donated to a worthy charity. This year, Singapore’s bar scene have chosen a variety of charities to support, including the ST pocket money fund, community chest, Food Bank Singapore, animal rescue, Nepal relief fund, and more. For those who are unfamiliar with the Negroni cocktail, watch how Singapore’s bartenders put a twist on an old favourite:

Highlights of Negroni Week:

Jekyll & Hyde (all week, #wishuponanegroni)

Order a negroni and $2 from each drink will go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. In addition to that, #wishuponanegroni with your drink and share your well wishes for the kids. The awesome guys at Jekyll & Hyde will then share your well wishes for these lovely kids.

Sugarhall guestshift (8th June)

4 of our featured Negroni Week bartenders will come together for one night to showcase their drinks. $1 from each drink sold on that night will go towards the Community Chest. Featured bartenders include Andrew Goodall (The Cufflink Club), Kelly D’Cruz (The Secret Mermaid), Symphony Loo (Neon Pigeon), and Sugarhall’s main barman Stuart Danker. 7pm – 12am.

Bitters & Love (8th June)

A guestshift hosted by professionals from different industries will bartend for one night to raise awareness for ASD (Action for Singapore Dogs). Puppies are allowed at this event. 7pm – 12am.

Ah Sam Cold Drink Stall (8th June)

Ah Sam’s will play host to another guest shift featuring veteran bartenders mentoring junior bartenders as everyone pulls together 4 shifts in one night to support the cause for Negroni Week 2016. Featuring Shawn and Bryan Kishore, Benedict Poh, Samuel Sim, Sam Wong, Charmaine Anne-Thio and Martin Ambrose Liu, the night promises to be a fun one. 8pm onwards.

Shin Gi Tai (9th June)

Two volunteers from the bar’s adopted charity, Noah’s Ark CARES will guest bartend on Thursday as part of a join effort to raise awareness for animal rescue and education in schools. They will learn to make the famed classic negroni, the best in Singapore as perfected by head barman, Anthony Zhong. From 8pm onwards.

Here is a bumper list of where you can go to enjoy a Negroni, and support a charitable cause at the same time!


Bitters & Love: The Nazgroni by bartender Naz Arjuna


Bitters & Love

Naz Arjuna, Bitters & Love

Drink: Nazgroni

Charity: Action for Singapore

Glass smoked in hay
30ml pandan and lemongrass infused gin
30ml Campari
30ml 1757 Cinzano Rosso

Selling price: $26++ ($2 donated per drink)

The glassware for the drink has been pre-smoked in hay which offers a very light and smoky finish to the drink. The gin is infused in lemongrass and pandan leaves offering a strong element of local and aromatic flavours to this bittersweet classic. All these flavours fuse together with the bitterness of the Campari to create a complex infusion.

Naz has an affinity for making local drinks inspired by local food and he was inspired by the Nasi Lemak while thinking up this creation. There is a sense of familiarity and also mystery when the flavours come together in a classic drink like the Negroni.


Tess Bar & Grill: Zac Lee
Tess Bar & Grill: Zac Lee


Tess Bar & Kitchen

Zac Lee, Tess Bar & Kitchen

Drink: T’groni

Charity: The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund

20ml Bankes Gin
20ml Campari
20ml Harmony blend of Chamomile
Green tea and jasmine flowers tincture
30ml hot water

Selling price: $18++ ($3++ donated per drink)

A floral twist of the popular Negroni cocktail, this drink is served warm. The cocktail consists of equal portions of Bankes London Dry Gin, Campari and Noilly Prat Dry Vermouth Tincture. The Tincture is made with carefully selected house-blends of Dilmah Chamomile, Green Tea and Jasmine flowers. The drink is then garnished with fresh jasmine flower & orange peel.

Unlike a regular Negroni, T’groni is served warmed. Temperate plays a very big part. Similar to enjoying a Cognac with warm water, it softens the strength of the drink and is a good choice for those getting an introduction into a Negroni.


Oxwell & Co: Aliff Mazlan
Oxwell & Co: Aliff Mazlan


Oxwell & Co

Aliff Mazlan, Oxwell & Co

Drink: Slip It Sloe

Charity: Children Charity Association (CCA)

30 ml Sloe Gin
30 ml Tawny Port
15 ml Campari
5 dashes Aztec Chocolate Bitters
Dehydrated Hot Orange Slice

Selling price: $19++ ($2 donated per drink)

This is for the chocolate lover. Made with mixing Tawny port which has hazelnut notes, sloe gin with cherry notes and chocolate bitters to produce a multi-layered flavour palatte. The overall taste of the cocktail is very different from what you would expect from a typical Negroni.

I got the inspiration for the drink when I was sipping on port while eating a chocolate brownie. I decided I would try my hand at creating a sweet version of the negroni with chocolate bitters. The strong bold red colour of the drink comes from the Campari and also the Sloe berries infused in the gin.


28 Hong Kong Street
28 Hong Kong Street


28 Hong Kong Street

Logan Demmy, 28HKS

Charity: Pangdemonium

Drink: The Breakfast Club

1.5 Campari
1 Lairds bottle in bond Applejack
3/4 Cold brew Coffee
1/2 Ginger syrup

Served in an old fashioned glass with orange garnish.

Selling price: $19++ ($3 per drink donated)

The drink is inspired by all the hearty goodness of a traditional American Breakfast. We have coffee, apple juice, and orange juice. The ginger helps balance all of the flavors and round out the hearty breakfast set


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