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Need to get fit? Try a different work-out

Looking for a personal trainer offering multiple get-fit options? Sam Blakey, founder of Ooberfit, gives us her tips for weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.

  1. Factor in more sleep. Did you know that more sleep leads to less hunger, fewer cravings and more energy and motivation to exercise? Sleep deprivation is one of the main reasons why so many new mums struggle to lose their baby-weight.
  2. Follow a diet and exercise plan that honours your individual preferences and targets improving your metabolism so you can burn more calories. The trick, really, is to give ourselves as much as possible of what we love while still getting results. Research shows pretty clearly that we can only focus on a maximum of one to three changes at a time, so we need to determine keystone habits that, when changed, make other habits easier to alter.
  3. Once you’ve distanced yourself from faddy diets and quick fixes, exercise really makes the difference. Studies have shown that HIIT (high intensity interval training) and Tabata Training routines effectively boost metabolism. Personal training is all about changing your life, including adopting a better diet and becoming a healthier you. On one hand, it’s a big overhaul – but it could transform your life and the lives of your family!


Interested in getting a personal trainer? Nadine Heydenrych tells us about her experience with mobile personal training company EzFit.

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Why were you looking for a personal trainer?
My ambitious work schedule together with a killer travel schedule meant an unbalanced lifestyle for me. Enlisting a personal trainer was a great solution, because it meant I had to commit rather than make excuses. It’s all planned for you, so it keeps you motivated, interested and never bored.

What do you find most appealing about the workouts?
The fact that I don’t have to plan anything! I find that not knowing what’s coming makes me achieve more than I’d have thought possible. I would never say to myself, “OK, let’s do some high-intensity interval training today, with mountain climbers, burpees, planks and leg squats” – that would’ve scared me off at the beginning of my health journey.

How has it changed your perception of your physical wellbeing?
I’ve realised you just need to make a conscious decision to look after yourself and make healthier choices. Personal training has helped me see that exercise is a lifestyle choice, and that while there’s no quick fix, the rewards of our hard work endure. Through EzFit’s three-month programme, Weight and Inches Melt, I’ve dropped 3kg and a whopping total of 25 inches! The programme has taught me how to eat right, how to exercise on the go and other important factors. I now fit into clothes that previously didn’t fit, and that has made me one happy woman! Kudos to Vanan and the EzFit team.

vanan@ezfit.sg | +65 9007 9742 | ezfit.sg


Ultimate Performance

There’s no age limit for starting a fitness regime. Ultimate Performance client Roger Graham, age 50, shares his journey.

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“I took up a personal training package for a number of reasons. First, to improve my health and appearance by becoming leaner; second, to become lighter with stronger legs to help with my (very amateur!) ultra-marathon racing; and third, to improve my abysmal upper-body strength. I want to keep active in my fifties and onwards, especially so I can keep up with my niece as her running develops! I’m amazed by the progress I’ve made in 12 weeks. If you’d told me that I’d be down from 19.2 percent to 12.5 percent body fat and lifting some of the weights I do now, I don’t think I’d have believed you.

My trainer Eran was brilliant. He always made sure my form was right, helping to prevent injuries, exercise the right muscles in the correct way, and fixing my slouch. He knew when to push me a bit harder, mostly with quiet words of encouragement to help me dig out that last bit of strength I wasn’t sure I had. Even better, his background in sports injuries and rehabilitation helped me sort out some of the niggles I’ve had on the left side of my body.”

Testimonial from Eran
“Roger is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet – friendly and down to earth, and is an absolute joy to work with! He’ll make an effort to strike up conversations with everyone in the gym and knows all the trainers by name. He always gives 100 percent in his sessions, is extremely dedicated, and diligently records his food intake.”



JH Kim Taekwondo

Into action sports and having some serious fun? Give martial arts a go! JH Kim Taekwondo is a dedicated specialist in its field. Its instructors take students of all ages and stages, and the curriculum helps them learn in a straightforward, systematic way. The company’s internationally certified black belt instructors are trained to teach in a technically precise yet intuitive manner, keeping the practice relevant to modern times while tapping into a deep understanding of martial arts traditions.

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Programmes on offer:

Taekwon Tots (3 to 5 years old)
Get the kiddies in when they’re young! Your little one will complete age-specific games, exercises and drills to complement each stage of their development. Classes are small (a 5:1 ratio to be precise) to ensure individual attention to each child’s needs.

T-Kids Programme (5 to 10 years old)
These classes are fun, yet challenging and goal-orientated – and they instil much more than just learning to kick, punch and earn belts. The T-Kids approach encourages self-discipline, builds up confidence and teaches young ones to maintain a positive attitude.

Teens and Adults Taekwondo
Here, teens and adults train together in an enjoyable social environment that provides structure and discipline. The syllabus allows members to experience different facets of taekwondo (sport versus traditional martial arts) with the goal of identifying and nurturing each person’s strength and developing him or her into a well-rounded martial artist.

#02-26/27/28 Millenia Walk | +65 6299 0495 | jhkim-singapore.com


Total Fitness & Leisure

Located at Raffles Town Club, Tanglin Trust School, AIS, SJII and the SITA Tennis Academy, Total Fitness & Leisure group, with its experienced coaching team, specialises in a range of sports, including tennis coaching, swimming and personal training sessions for all ages.

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The group holds tennis and swimming “combo” camps throughout every school holiday period that are perfect for getting the kids out of the house and providing them with non-stop activities where they’ll learn new skills. Also on offer are boot camps, circuit training, ladies’ morning clinics and private lessons at your own home or condo.

info@tfl-training.com | +65 9750 7400 or +65 9021 6245 | tfl-training.com

SITA Tennis Academy

The new SITA Tennis Academy, directed by professional coaches and stalwarts of Singapore tennis, Joe Russell, Todd Koning and Simon Mason, is held at a newly resurfaced four-court tennis facility located near the Botanic Gardens, just next to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The coaching team, which consists of professionals from Southeast Asia to Spain, teaches a wide range of programmes starting from mini-tennis for kids aged four to 10 and including a fully fledged tournament squad programme. Private coaching, group classes and holiday camps are available for all ages and abilities, from beginning to elite.

info@sitatennis.com | +65 9750 7400 | sitatennis.com

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