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Need some wheels? We talk car leasing with three Expat Living readers

Need to know all about car leasing in Singapore? Some people know exactly what they’re after when it comes to searching for a car. Others wouldn’t know where to start. Aside from aesthetics, factors to consider include whether you’ll be using the vehicle for work or pleasure, the size of your family, your particular parking arrangements, and, of course, whether you want to lease or buy outright. To help with your decision, we asked three Expat Living readers how and why they chose their particular cars.

Simon Tyndale-Biscoe is with Wearnes Leasing
Simon Tyndale-Biscoe is with Wearnes Leasing

Wearnes Leasing

Who: Simon Tyndale-Biscoe, wife Melissa, and golden retrievers Pickles and Chutney
Nationality: Australian
Time in Singapore: Six months

“We chose Wearnes for a number of reasons, including leasing consultant Alicia’s swift response, and her offer to visit me and my wife – in different locations – so we could see the car we had selected before we signed a lease. She also provided us with a Garmin GPS to help us find our way around Singapore. In addition, I got to meet the head service manager and he went through the process for calling up if we encountered a problem.

We have a two-year lease on a Volvo V70 station wagon. It carries Pickles and Chutney, as well as three passengers, if required; my golf clubs fit easily into the wagon too. So it meets our needs very nicely. Wearnes has continued to deliver great service since we signed our agreement in February this year. For example, when there were problems with our deposit reaching their bank account, Alicia found a solution that meant the car could be delivered to us prior to Wearnes receiving the deposit.

Secondly, when we had our first mechanical fault – a flat battery – an on-road service technician was at our house within 30 minutes of my call. Our second mechanical issue was a faulty tailgate – it wouldn’t open, which was a problem as it’s where Pickles and Chutney get in. They provided a replacement vehicle (Volvo XC90) that we could carry the dogs in.

I recommend Wearnes to anyone looking for a long-term car lease. For us, the major benefits of having a car are driving to to dog-friendly areas, picking up and transporting friends who visit from Australia, and travelling to play golf anywhere in Singapore.”

Wearnes Leasing
45 Leng Kee Road
6876 5063 | wearnesleasing.com

Neil and Nicky Bowyer are with Komoco
Neil and Nicky Bowyer are with Komoco Motors

Komoco Motors

Who: Neil and Nicky Bowyer, and children Josh (14) and Immi (13)
Nationality: British
Time in Singapore: 7.5 years

“The car arrived the day Nicky and the children joined me in Singapore, seven-and-a-half years ago. A work colleague recommended Komoco to me when I first arrived so I paid them a visit. We had an SUV in the UK and liked it, so we leased a Hyundai Santa Fe – a seven-seater. The children were young when we started leasing, and still dependent on us to ferry them and their friends around the island for school, sport clubs and play dates, so we thought: the bigger, the better. Also, we find it useful when friends or family come to visit us, as we can often get everyone in the one car.

The service from Komoco has always been excellent. Manager Yunos explained everything – including the COE – and recommended leasing as a good option for us, because we didn’t want to make a large capital outlay, and we wanted certainty on the overall motoring costs. I’m a very strong advocate of leasing. We have recommended other friends to Komoco and we trust the company implicitly. Their team is great when it comes to servicing, providing courtesy cars, keeping the car well maintained, arranging road service and so on.

We are very happy, loyal customers. What’s more, we still have the original car! When the COE increased we found it much better value to extend the lease on the current car, which we have now done three times. This year, we may lease a different car, as we don’t need such a large one anymore. The car was a big advantage when the children were younger, but now that they’re old enough to use the MRT and cabs independently we admit that really it is a luxury. We know we could get away without a car but we like the convenience ours offers; and we’re lucky enough for the cost to still be within our budget.”

Komoco Motors
253 Alexandra Road
6475 8888 | hyundai.com/sg

Anne is with Evergreen Rent A Car
Anne is with Evergreen Rent A Car

Evergreen Rent A Car

Who: Aummaruta (Anne) Sirichai, husband Torsak Tantaviwattana and son Napat (15)
Nationality: Thai
Time in Singapore: Two years

“We have leased a vehicle from Evergreen Rent A Car for around two years, having initially contacted them based on a recommendation from one of my colleagues. We selected a Lexus IS250, which is not only a reliable car but also gives me real enjoyment when driving.

The Lexus meets my expectations perfectly. We use it for driving to work, to do the shopping and to visit parks and gardens for family leisure time. I really love the convenience of having a car in Singapore, especially when it rains! During the initial decision-making process, Evergreen provided me with plenty of options within my budget range. Moreover, they were flexible when searching for the appropriate vehicle for me and they offered advice within a short timeline.

I found the team professional and always quick to respond. I would absolutely recommend the services of Evergreen Rent A Car, and I have a very favourable opinion of their service and technical assistance.

Evergreen Rent A Car
159 Sin Ming Road
6459 0990 | evergreenrentacar.com

This article first appeared in the September 2016 edition of Expat Living magazine. Like this? Head to Living in Singapore for more.