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Need a great preschool for 2017?

Kids just wanna have fun! But as parents, we know that a good early education will give them an important head start. Every parent wants the best for their little ones – but what does ‘the best’ look like? For most parents, it’s a trusted preschool with great facilities and experienced teachers who will keep them safe, happy and engaged. For kids, it’s simple. Playtime. All. The. Time.

Shaws Preschool
Painting and Learning

Good news. Kids can get a fantastic preschool education, while also having a blast. We’ve even heard whispers that some kids attending Shaws Preschools beg to go to school on Saturdays.

Here’s how they do it:

1. The staff know what they’re doing

As one of the first play-based preschools in Singapore, these guys have loads of experience when it comes to early education. Staff are highly trained and professional (even when they’re making cat noises or mud pies!)

2. Outdoor play, every day

In Singapore, space is a premium and many preschools are indoors only. Shaws understand that kids need fresh air and space to run and jump. Each day students participate in outdoor play and sports. Specialised coaches from Shaws Little League visit each week to work on kids’ sporting skills and abilities. Energetic, physical play helps kids develop balance and coordination, and the fine motor skills they need for handwriting.

Shaws preschool water play
Outdoor water play

3. Connection with the real world

No one ever developed a ‘love of learning’ by reviewing flash cards or memorising times tables. Students shape their own learning by studying real-life topics. Here’s how it works: the class agree on a topic of interest – maybe the human body, astronauts, bugs or even ice-cream! The kids are encouraged to ask questions about their chosen topic and their teacher will direct them to find their own answers. Learning is student-led and encourages kids to become engaged and curious learners – plus, literacy skills and math’s and science concepts are introduced, without kids even knowing!

4. Confident kids

Being encouraged to ask questions and direct their own learning gives students the skills they need to become independent. When kids are allowed the freedom to initiate their own play and explore their own topics of interest, their self-worth goes through the roof. A child’s attention span is maximised when they’re interested and organically, they’ll learn more too. A healthy mix of physical and mental activity also gives students a huge confidence boost.

5. They believe in a multicultural world

Shaws celebrates difference; recognising how much small children can learn from one another. Honouring diversity develops a fantastic sense of community and strong and special friendships.

Interested in Shaws admissions for 2017? Head to shaws.com.sg to find out more.

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