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Nail Salons in Singapore: The Top Five Mani-Pedi Problems

Nail Salons in Singapore: The Top Five Mani-Pedi Problems
Nail Salons in Singapore: The Top Five Mani-Pedi Problems


Stop worrying – nail problems are common in Singapore. Khai Linn Wong of Chez Belle Nails and Beyond talks about the common nail problems she sees in her salon.

Nail Fungus

The Cause: Bare-footing it through gym showers, pool perimeters and other moist places exposes the toes to highly contagious fungi, as does wearing ill-fitting, closed shoes for long stretches of time. Inadequate hygiene at nail salons or leaving nail enhancements on for too long are likely culprits for causing fungus on the fingernails.

The Cure: Nail fungus is hard to treat and should be considered a medical issue. The key is prevention. Ask your salon how it sterilises its equipment and how often. Chez Belle recommends a double sterilisation process: customers are given individually sealed, sanitised equipment pouches before each service, and when the pouch is opened, the equipment is sterilised yet again for extra protection.

Ingrown Toenails

The Cause: Cutting your toenails incorrectly or too short, or wearing tight, pointy shoes, can cause the nail tip to curve into the skin rather than grow straight outwards. The result: a painful, swollen and uncomfortable flare-up.

The Cure: Cut and shape your toenails straight across – you should be able to slip a fingernail under the sides. If you suspect a problem is developing, have your toenails professionally shaped every month to ensure the right angle and length. If an infection is present, seek medical help.

Yellow Nails

The Cause: Leaving nail polish on too long, using a second-rate basecoat or neglecting to use a base coat at all causes nails to take on an unsightly yellowish hue.

The Cure: Giveyour nails a rest. After a week of polish, sport a base-coat shine for two to three days before adding polish back into the mix. Buy a top-quality basecoat – why spring for OPI colours and skimp on the coat that touches your bare nail? For serious rehab, try Chez Belle’s Lemon Aid treatment ($15) – a lemon juice and aromatherapy salt soak whitens the nails while a cold collagen lotion strengthens the nail beds.

Myth-buster: Darker polishes are often blamed for mustard-tinted tips. In fact, lighter shades also cause nails to yellow – it just takes longer.

Dry, Peeling and Weak Nails

The Cause: Continuous nail enhancement services, inadequate diet, erratic hormones and repeated contact with water and detergents result in brittle nails that are prone to splitting.

The Cure: Go easy on the extensions, eat a diet rich in calcium and other nutrients, take a multi-vitamin and wear gloves when handling harsh chemicals. Consider a Milk Aid treatment ($15) – a protein-rich milk soak that nourishes the cuticles while a rosemary-infused collagen gel penetrates the nail tips through the ends of adorable little finger gloves.

Calluses and Cracked Heels

The Cause: Open-backed shoes, extremes of climate, long-distance running and even extended exposure to air-conditioning can result in cracked, callused feet.

The Cure: Razor blades are a quick, albeit risky, way to remove calluses, while the cure for cracked heels depends on their severity. Chez Belle takes the slow and steady approach – a six-step intensive treatment nourishes the skin for supple and smooth soles.

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