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Newcomers – want to pick the perfect furniture?

Welcome to Singapore! You’ve just arrived, been through arguably the best airport in the world, hopefully sorted out your visas and bank accounts, and are trying to work out which grocery store you like best. Unless you’re staying in serviced apartments for the long-term, you’ll also be considering which area to call home, checking out properties, and then comes the furniture. You may have some winging its way over in a container, but odds are you’ll also need some additional pieces. Where do you start? We asked Naazli Somjee of WTP The Furniture Company to pass on some pearls of wisdom to help you feel right at home.

Length of stay

If it looks like you’ll be here for around 12 to 18 months, then it makes sense to consider renting furniture. Also, how nomadic has your life has been up to this point may be an indication of how it will continue, and this should also be a factor in determining whether you buy or rent furniture.

Where you’re from

WTP furniture
Consider your home climate and pick furniture that will last back there too

We need to understand where you come from, so we can propose pieces that will be able to withstand any temperature changes when they go back with you after your expat stint. It would also help us to recommend items that will best fit the size or scale of the housing in your home country.

Family style and dynamics

WTP furniture
Determining how you all want to use a space will help you choose the right furniture for the whole family

We like to look at the age range of your family members, understand your overall style tastes, work out how many personalities will be involved in creating the look, and so on. Also, how do you use the space you need to fill? Are you more formal or casual? Will you be entertaining at home? The general family dynamic also helps us with designing spaces; for example, knowing whether the children like to study together or individually would help in deciding on a larger communal table or desks in separate rooms.

Consider custom furniture

WTP furniture
Bespoke pieces, even just recovering a chair, can really personalise your space

Bespoke furniture really personalises a space. Our in-house designers can work with pictures to ensure the fabrics and finishes of whatever new piece you choose to buy or custom-make will marry well with what you have in your home.

Use accessories and home furnishings

WTP furniture
Cushions and throws can be an easy way to enhance your own home style

Smaller decorative accessories really make a home. Cushions and throws in different textures, colours and prints show the personality of the family. Also, it’s a great way to collect memories of the different places you’ve travelled to if you add pieces that show the indigenous craftsmanship or materials of the area.

Rent furniture

WTP furniture
Renting furniture can be a sensible option for many newcomers

Who’s paying the bill? If it’s the company, then they’ll be happy to know that the furniture lease is tax deductible, so it makes sense to take advantage of leasing. If you’re doing this out of your own pocket, things to consider include the fact that when you lease you have less to pay upfront and you can break up your expenses into affordable monthly payments; however, you do end up paying an interest rate. If you purchase outright, then you avoid paying any interest rate, but the upfront costs are higher.

At WTP, you can do a combination of payment methods, such as buying the piece that you really, really love and leaving more room on your lease for the essential items. As we do a lease-to-own scheme, you can decide later if you want to buy a piece at a minimal cost.

And finally…

Once you’re comfortably ensconced in your stylish new home, get out and about and find a local to get all the good food recommendations! Not the fancy stuff, but the hole-in-the-wall places that have the kind of great food that you wouldn’t know about even if you checked a guidebook. You can also ‘tah pau’ (take away) food to eat in the comfort of your own home at your fabulous new dining table!

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