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Movember: Grow a moustache with charity Gen Mo

The annual, month-long hairy charity initiative, otherwise known as Movember, is almost upon us for the second year running.

For 30 days in November, fellas are encouraged to grow (and groom, you mucky things) a moustache and form a hairy alliance with men around the world. You are effectively a walking, talking billboard for commonly unspoken men’s health issues such as prostate cancer, which affects almost 600 men in Singapore each year with over 115 fatal cases.

Men who support Movember are known as Mo Bros and collectively make up Generation Mo. Last year, Singapore was ranked number one globally in terms of funds raised per person with 2,088 dedicated Mo Bros raising $743,000 for men’s health – that’s the number to beat.

Cracking Gen Mo infographic

How to join Generation Mo:

1. Sign up online at the Movember page to become a Mo Bro 

2. On 1 November, get a proper shave. All Mo Bros are required to start with a clean-shaven face

3. Throughout the month, grow, groom and trim that mo. The trucker, the regent, the toothbrush the connoisseur – all are welcome

To Note: There is to be no joining of the mo to your side burns. That’s considered a beard. Either is there to be joining of the handlebars to your chin. That’s considered a goatee.

4. Document your progress on your mo-space page and raise funds by rallying your families, friends or sponsorship for your mo-growing efforts

5. Last but not least, as Movember Rules page states, “Each Mo Bro must conduct himself like a true gentleman”

Need mo ideas? Check out the nifty infographic above by Movember on various styles and pick out your favourite: