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Mount Faber Road, Singapore: Guide to living, eating and shopping in Telok Blangah

Name: Fiona Motherway

From: Australia

Occupation: Transition Director at Jones Lang LaSalle and soon-to-be new mum!

The Specifics:

What street do you live on?
Mount Faber Road.

Exact words you tell a taxi driver to get home?
Mount Faber surprisingly gets a blank look quite often. Then I’ll try “Mount Fay-ba” which may click, but if not, I’ll say “the cable car” or, as a last resort, “the Jewel Box” which often seems to work.

What’s the name of your neighbourhood?
Telok Blangah.


Closest MRT station?
Harbourfront. It’s a ten-minute walk under a canopy of lush green trees and lots of beautiful butterflies.

How long have you lived here?
12 months.

Why here?
It’s close to my workplace, and I love the leafy surroundings, access to the Southern Ridges walking trails and convenience to the city.

The Scene:

When you walk out of your place, the first thing you see is:
The Sentosa Gateway Tunnel roadworks at the front gate and endless trucks heading to the Keppel Distripark. At the back gate, there are trees, butterflies and the occasional monkey.

The closest store to your front door is:
A small convenience store in Block 42 of Telok Blangah Rise. It’s very handy for milk, bread and a sweet fix.

Your street would make the perfect backdrop for a remake of:
Tarzan – the Southern Ridges were made for him and Jane!

Your neighbours are great, but you wouldn’t mind a little less:
Late-night drag racing.

The unofficial uniform of your street is:
Lycra. Mount Faber Road is covered with road cyclists pedalling up and down the hill.

If a celebrity moves in next door, it will most likely be:
David Bellamy.

When you’re in need of a dose of culture, you:
Soak up the local scene around Telok Blangah Crescent and Rise, particularly during Chinese New Year and the Hungry Ghost Festival.

If you’re missing home, you:
Head down to one of the watering holes at VivoCity for a frosty beer and a pub meal. This is a favourite activity for my Irish “other half”!

A mandatory stop for out-of-town guests is:
The cable car to Sentosa and brunch at Coastes.

You’d swap houses in a second with:
Any one of the landed properties on Mount Faber Road.

A common myth about your neighbourhood is:
That it is very peaceful. In fact, its convenience to the city, Sentosa and Harbourfront comes at a price: plenty of traffic.

If you’re ever woken up at night, it’s almost always due to:
Trucks and drag racers.

A massive late-night rager on your street is likely to be:
A symphony of late night construction, engines, horns from passing ships and interesting noises from wild creatures that live on Mount Faber.

The Superlatives:

Your hands-down favourite neighbourhood joints are:
The Jewel Box – it has a great view and it’s a beautiful place to take visitors to. MT Dim Sum at Block 11 of Telok Blangah Crescent Food Centre is cheap and cheerful and has tasty dumplings. Alkaff Mansion at Telok Blangah Green has an excellent, leisurely, Italian-style brunch.

You won’t find better local food than at:
Telok Blangah Crescent Food Centre.

The strangest thing you’ve ever seen on your street is:
We thought that people only walked backwards down Bukit Timah – apparently to save wear and tear on their knees – but we have spotted walkers doing the same down Mount Faber Road.

We love a good bargain. The best deals in your neighbourhood are:
A good massage (remember: no pain, no gain!) and fresh fruit and vegetables at the small wet market at Block 38 of Telok Blangah Rise – the proprietor is very persuasive and invariably I come home with far more produce than I need.

The guiltiest pleasure in your area is:
A Gold Class movie at VivoCity followed by a hot chocolate at Max Brenner.

One thing you’d never change is:
The ratio of condos to local housing. There are only two condos in the area so there is a real local vibe and a great mix of locals and foreigners.

The city gives you $5 million to soup up your street. You use it to:
Build a bypass to reduce the traffic. Then I feel we would be living in Singapore’s ideal neighbourhood.

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