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The most comfortable bed in the world – probably!

Danish Design Co has launched a new ‘shop within a shop’ concept – DUXIANA. Although it’s new for Singapore, there are 100 similar concepts worldwide. In fact, the Swedish company started making the DUX bed – ‘the world’s most comfortable bed’ – back in 1926 (so they’ve had plenty of time to perfect it!). It has since progressed from making beds (and, in Sweden, other furniture) to owning retail outlets, and now having a presence within other key stores around the world.

Company president HENRIK LJUNG – one of the founder’s four great grandchildren who today run the business – is responsible for the brand’s international markets. He sat down with Expat Living to talk about DUXIANA, and to tell us why they chose Danish Design out of all the companies here to join forces with.

most comfortable bed
Henrik Ljung – DUXIANA International

What’s different about the DUXIANA (or ‘DUX’) bed?

It’s successful because you can never buy the wrong one. If it’s not quite right, you can move the special ‘pods’ or cassettes around to suit your body. If it’s too hard or too soft, you can tighten it with the innovative lumbar support system. Everybody is different, and we want you to sleep in the bed, not on top of it.

But it’s also good value over the long run. When you would generally have to buy a whole new bed after about 10 years (hotels usually change them every six years), with DUXIANA you just have to buy the top pad. The base is long-lasting, with a wooden frame and high-quality steel springs that don’t rust or break, so it’ll keep you bouncing for a lifetime! We make the springs ourselves so we have complete control over them. Anyone can make a spring, but our trick is to make them flexible enough and good quality. We’ve had a long time to perfect it.

The top pads can be replaced and made to suit the individual

The DUX bed is also environmentally friendly, not only because you can keep most of it for life, but also the natural latex top for surface softness is an environmentally friendly product. The longevity of the product combined with comfort is hard to beat.

What have been some of the challenges – and successes – of going global with the brand?

In some countries, we have needed to ‘beducate’ – to let people know why a hard bed isn’t good for your body. In Korea, for example, luxury marble was thought to be perfect to sleep on, so we had to battle some old norms.

Now, though, as many as 150 of the world’s best hotels, including The Burj Al Arab Jumeriah, have chosen DUXIANA beds because they realise that a good bed is one of the most important aspects when it comes to travellers choosing a hotel to say in. People are realising that it’s part of being healthy – looking after your body and getting a good night’s sleep affects many aspects of wellness and state of mind. The hotel’s website highlights the beds – so, the bed has become a statement.

Why partner with Danish Design Co?

It’s always been the policy of DUXIANA to align with local businesses that are established and have a good reputation in the market. We chose Danish Design Co as it had been in Singapore for over 11 years and it represents authentic designers; it retails some of the best Scandinavian furniture brands in the world – brands that have a great history and that believe in executing impressionable craftsmanship in their works.

Their team understood and appreciated our brand, and they really took to the concept of being ‘sleep consultants’ (getting people to try the beds and even spend time lying down on them). In addition, they have a lovely retail store that’s large enough for our shop-in-shop concept. We want our stores to be good business for anyone who’s part of them, and we realised that they were a great fit.

Not only beds, but linens too

A note on fine linens

“Our customers value the highest quality goods for their bedroom, so to complement your DUXIANA bed, we offer a selection of the finest linens. As a service to customers we also offer custom-make linens to help you create your ideal sleep environment.

For those finishing touches and to complement your DUX, we offer luxury bed accessories, including bed skirts and base covers, in a large selection of colours so you can match any décor.”

The Danish Design Co team believes in having the necessary expertise in providing the best bed-shopping experience to every client. ‘

Find out more about the DUX bed at the Danish Design Co showroom.

100E Pasir Panjang Road, #06-03 Century Warehouse

6270 8483 | danishdesignco.com.sg