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Men’s style tips and inspiration from EX readers

We chat to Daniel Morby, Chief Tailoring Officer at Victor York, about his ultimate style tips for the ordinary man. 

How would you describe your style?
Classically styled, smart with a twist of fun to provoke conversation.

Has that style evolved naturally, or have you been through “interesting” phases?
I’ve always been quite traditional in the fact that I have always worn collared and cuffed shirts and never been a fan of the student look of t-shirts and polos. A great shirt can tell a thousand stories, whether it’s plain or flamboyant like a classic Mambo shirt, of which I still have a couple stored away. I did own a bright red suede leather jacket with matching red shoes in the early 90s; now they were fun times.

The sharp Daniel Morby 

What’s your favourite item of clothing?
Being a tanner by trade, I’ve always loved my shoes and take great care in looking after them. However, I do love wearing my latest creation, a subtle Black Watch tartan suit. I can wear near on any colour shirt with it.

When did you first become interested in looking good?
At a very early age, around seven, I discovered that the smartly dressed man/boy had a better chance of catching the best looking ladies. These days they call it peacocking, I call it common sense. I heard some great tips for young men chasing the ladies a few years back.

1: Always wear deodorant or aftershave. Doesn’t matter how bad it smells, it will always be better than sweat.
2: Learn how to dance.
3: Wear a nice shirt and stand out from the crowd.
4: Always approach the best looking girl in the room first, because you never know.

What has been your biggest fashion mistake?
Baggy jeans in the early 90s, I looked like a student. Loved the music scene, hated Joe Bloggs.

Timeless classics you’ve been wearing for years?
These days, due to the nature of my business, I tend to update my wardrobe every six to 12 months in terms of clothes. However, I still wear my black and brown Classic Camper boxer shoes at the weekend, they are timeless.

An item of clothing that your wife desperately wants you to throw away but you singularly refuse?
My Speedos.

What style of suit do you prefer these days?
I go for a one-vent slim-cut jacket and trousers, usually in a pinstripe or a check, with a contrasting lining for a bit of fun.

What styles or colours can help you look slim?
Half of my current wardrobe consists of pink shirts and grey suits and trousers, so I hope they make me look slim.

What’s your number one fashion tip for EX readers?
Make the effort to get dressed in the morning, not just throw your clothes on because they feel okay. Looking good has always come at a price, either financial or a comfort decision. It’s the small details that set aside a chap from the hordes, starting with making sure your shoes are clean, polished and match the colour of your belt. Match your socks to your shirt or trousers, and always tuck your shirts in as it will make you look slimmer. There are many more tips I could hand out, but you would have to visit me at Victor York to find them out.