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Memorable Oscar acceptance speeches

Academy Award Oscar acceptance speeches 

It’s the 85th Academy Awards on Sunday and, whether Life of Pi or Les Misérables scoops the gold for Best Picture, one thing is for sure: there’ll be plenty of pearlers from the winners on the night, and we’re looking forward to adding them to our bank of memorable quotes.

Sally Field, Places in the Heart, 1984
The infamous ‘You like me, you really like me!’ except that she really said, ‘You like me, right now, you like me,’ 


Cameron, Best Director, Titanic, 1998
“I’m king of the world”

Michael Moore, Best Documentary Feature, Bowling for Columbine, 2003  
“…We are against this war, Mr Bush. Shame on you, Mr Bush, shame on you. And, whenever you’ve got the Pop and the Dixie Chicks against you, your time is up”

Melissa Leo, Best Supporting Actress, The Fighter, 2010
‘When I watched Kate [up here] two years ago it looked so F**king easy, whoops!’

Angelina Jolie, Best Supporting Actress, Girl Interrupted, 2000
“…just so in love with my brother right now”

Roberto Benigni, Best Actor, Life is Beautiful, 1999
“I am not able to express all my gratitude because now, my body is in tumult because it is a colossal moment of joy. … I would like to be Jupiter. And kidnap everybody and lie down in the firmament making love to everyone”

Cuba Gooding Jr, Best Supporting Actor, Jerry Maguire, 1998
“I love you” (to the audience)

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