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May 2016 Forecast: Horoscopes

Keen to see what this month’s stars have in store for you?


DEC 22 – JAN 19
A confrontational May awaits you, Capricorn. Relationships with friends and family will be tested. Things have been brewing, and you have sensed this yourself for quite some time. You will need to decide which paths you wish to take with these relationships. It’s a very unpleasant time to be in, as your emotions will be erratic and you may at times find yourself in a battle-like atmosphere with the people in question. So be focused and clear with your actions this month. In addition, Mercury is in retrograde this month, so be patient and don’t let exchanges of words get to you. Remember, there’s a tendency for words to be miscommunicated and misunderstood this month.


JAN 20 – FEB 18
Don’t drag out your procrastination too far this month. You are very close to completing your task or reaching your goal. You might have made some mistakes, burnt some bridges or lost some money in the process, but you can’t give up now. Feeling distressed over your loss isn’t going to help you. And if you sit on things too long, you could miss the boat, and have to start all over again. So, whatever it is that knocked you over, rise to it, face it and fight on.

FEB 19 – MAR 20
This is an exciting month for Pisces, and you’ll feel full of energy to go ahead and take on the world. You might have a lot going on at the same time – a move, a career change or even taking on a new pet, for example. All this could get overwhelming, though, so do accept help where you can; there’s no shame to this. There will come a stage when devoting your attention to one thing at a time might be ideal so as not to waste your energies. So pace yourself and don’t let the excitement get to you.

MAR 21 – APR 19
You are motivated this month to be a better person. This could be in the form of providing for the family financially, or just giving emotional support by making an effort to be more available and listen more. As for being a better financial provider, good news is on the way, perhaps in the form of a new job opportunity or an investor who sees value in you and your ideas and decides to give you the cash to kick off your business or grant you that dream job. With Mercury in retrograde, things won’t always flow smoothly, so expect some obstacles along the way. But if you stay aware and don’t allow yourself to be brought down by them, you should have a rather productive May.

APR 20 – MAY 20
It’s matters of the heart that we are dealing with this month. For instance, you may receive a confession of love from someone, or have a family member pour out their emotions as to how they feel about you or something you’ve done. If it’s a confession of love, unfortunately it may not be from the one you were hoping to hear it from; you could either invest some time in this person to see if romance blossoms, or you could just move on. As for the frank words from a family member, they may cut like a knife but they will also allow you to reassess your relationship with him or her. Now may be the time to rearrange your priorities with your family members in general.

MAY 21 – JUN 20
May is an excellent month if you are aspiring to be your own boss, or if you already are. You have reached a stage in your life where it becomes crystal clear as to where your passion lies. It’s a very exciting time as creative Geminis conjure amazing ideas to drive their big plans ahead. It’s all about doing it now – you don’t just think about doing it, you set the ball in motion. And while Mercury in retrograde may at times hinder your progress, fret not! Plod on and things will reveal themselves by the last week of the month.

JUN 21 – JUL 22
Brace yourself, as there is another lesson to learn this month. However, when all ends you can breathe a sigh of relief! Achieving success in life or harmony in your relationships can never be achieved on your own. You may find yourself in the centre of trying to calm situations and bringing people together. You embrace both the dark and the light aspects of yourself and realise that they are what make you you. It’s all about creating harmony within yourself as well as among others around you, and it’s through this process that you realise how important it is for you to weave a fabric of interconnectedness with everyone in your circle – and vice versa.

JUL 23 – AUG 22
You have waited for some positive news for some time now, and it seems like May is going to be your month! Things are finally moving in the direction you’ve hoped for and you see your wishes coming true after many months of trying hard. You get to enjoy the fruits of your labour by pampering yourself for a change – this could be anything from getting yourself a new car to doing up the kitchen. It’s fantastic that you’ve got to where you want to be, though just be aware that you need to keep at things to maintain this level of success. So keep your feet on the ground while celebrating this month!

AUG 23 – SEP 22
You’re looking to lie low this May, for some introspection and analysis to help you understand how you have come to your present situation. Sudden changes may arise that need your attention and action, but you will need to find a balance when it comes to getting more information before you make a decision. Things might get frustrating at times as you try to divide your time between solitude and taking stock of life, and attending to day-to-day activities that need your undivided attention. Your desire to slow things down might also be due to Mercury being in retrograde. The pace of life should go back to normal by the end of the month, so just hang on!

SEP 23 – OCT 22
You have finally come full circle this month. It’s been a hard battle to get to where you are now. And there is still more energy left in you to pursue further challenges. Whatever you’ve been working on will see success or receive lots of praise, driving your energies to carry on the pursuit. However, be sensible when spending your energies. With the Mercury retrograde in motion, you may be faced with lots of stagnation, resulting in your emotions becoming erratic. This isn’t ideal, especially when you should be basking in the glory of your success. So, wherever you can and especially when things don’t go your way, take a back seat and analyse rather than pressing forward.

OCT 23 – NOV 21
A kind of a happily-ever-after theme is going on this month. The worst is over and you can finally set your mind at rest. Your wishes are granted this May in the form of someone seeing your value and deciding to invest in you. It’s a perfect marriage, also allowing you to find your connection with your “soul mate”, which could be in the form of a person, a career, a business or a challenge. Things could not be smoother, so embrace this moment fully and remember to acknowledge your hard work in getting to this stage.


NOV 22 – DEC 21
You enjoy being in control, and when your boat gets rocked i t make s you nervous. You have generally been in charge and don’t feel comfortable having it any other way. However, circumstances may change for you this month. Life can’t always be cosy. Changes will take place so rapidly that you’ll have no time to think before accepting them, and so your mood will be all over the place. The gist of all this is that things aren’t going to go as planned. But take it as a test of your resilience, and of your reliable ability to shine in whatever tasks or challenges are put before you.

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This article first appeared in the May 2016 edition of Expat Living