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Makeup in Singapore: CC creams – tried and tested by EL

Just what are CC creams and how do they compare to their BB predecessors? You’ve probably heard that they have multiple uses – from helping to heal breakouts to correcting uneven skin tone and lightening dark spots. This month, the EL team dips their fingers into one of the latest beauty trends to find out if their live up to their reputation.

– Lighter than their BB (beauty balm) sisters, CC (colour correcting) creams are typically formulated to correct complexion and skin problem areas such as uneven skin tone, redness and dullness.
– Lighter in texture than a BB, they provide light to medium base coverage.
– They leave a more matte finish.
– Over time, they’re more effective in treating skin issues such as discolouration, hyper-pigmentation, wrinkles and sunspots.

Peter Thomas Roth CC Cream, $85

What I liked: The cream is light, but gives fantastic coverage along with a slightly dewy glow; perfect, especially for a normal to dry complexion.

Verdict: One of the best CC creams I’ve tried, this has a smooth, light and creamy texture that blends easily and sets like satin on the skin. It lasted all day and looked fresh while giving me fantastic coverage – much better than a tinted moisturiser or BB cream. I also like the anti-ageing and brightening benefits from its key ingredient, camu camu berries.

Score: 4/5

Natalie Whittel, 26, Brand Communications Manager


Sephora CC Crème Correction & Radiance Cream with SPF 30, $28

What I liked: It’s incredibly light but provides great coverage, and it contains SPF so there’s no need for that extra layer of sunblock. It’s non-greasy, but sometimes I’ll just dab some powder on top to help prevent shine, and I’m good to go – though I do often wear the cream without powder.

Verdict: I’m always wary of trying new facial products, but was glad I gave this one a go. I was so pleasantly surprised by the coverage and light texture that I’ve officially made the switch over from my old foundation. This cream exceeded my expectations!

Score: 5/5

Amy Greenburg, 30, Health & Fitness, Arts & Leisure Editor

Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream with SPF 30
Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream with SPF 30


Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream with SPF 30, $53

What I liked: I mix this CC cream with my own Clinique moisturiser and head out the door. It covers some of my blemishes, making them appear much less obvious. I also love the additional layer of sunscreen, which saves me time in the morning.

Verdict: The packaging states that the cream can be used under foundation, but since I don’t wear much makeup, this alone is fine for me – it’s not obvious that I’ve applied anything, but it gives me a healthy glow, which I like.

Beatrice Ng, 29, Graphic Designer

Rachel K CC Renew Cream with SPF 35 PA++
Rachel K CC Renew Cream with SPF 35 PA++


Rachel K CC Renew Cream with SPF 35 PA ++, $48

What I liked: The texture of this cream was thicker than I expected, but it blends well and smells gorgeous. It gave me a light to medium, buildable coverage and stayed put all day, and provided moisture to the skin without feeling sticky.

Verdict: I definitely prefer this formula to a BB cream, as it looks and feels much more natural, yet still gives me virtually the same coverage.

Score: 4/5

Susannah Jaffer, 23, Fashion, Hair & Beauty Editor

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