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Make-up demonstration: How to become the green Elphaba from Wicked the musical!

Jemma Rix spills all on how she transforms into Elphaba in the hit musical Wicked , showing at Marina Bay Sands

It takes 45 minutes to get Jemma Rix “green” for her role as Elphaba in the musical Wicked, which is showing at Marina Bay Sands Grand Theater until 1 April. MAC, who supplies the cast’s stage makeup, teamed up with Jemma Rix to demonstrate how she changes into Elphaba.

As Jemma explains, going green almost everyday has its fair share of quirky side effects. Here are a few:

Jemma says she doesn’t get blackheads, nor whiteheads, but greenheads!
Even when she’s not wearing her character-required green makeup, Jemma says her sweat has a green tinge to it.
No matter how much she washes her naturally red hair, her hairline always has touches of green in it.
Jemma had to change her choice of bed linen from white sheets to darker shades because she was “grossed out” by how dirty they looked, even after she had showered for half an hour after each show!
Jemma wears a body sock over her arms, so only her face, neckline and hands are painted green. Applying powder before and after the greening process is key to prevent a river of green paint from melting off Jemma’s face, although sometimes Glinda gets a bit of green rubbed off on her during the show…
The first time Jemma was ‘greened’ the process took an hour; they’ve got quicker with practice and got it down to 45 minutes, although this depends on how much Jemma is talking during make-up.
They only use Japanese brushes to paint her face to keep the green paint evenly distributed.
Jemma says her ears are her favourite part to be painted green. Her least favourite part? Her nose: “Things are greener than they ever were before my role as Elphaba!”


Wicked shows at Marina Bay Sands until 1 April.
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