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Looking for a personal trainer in Singapore?

Arnie, bodybuilder to politician to shameface 

On the hunt for a personal trainer in Singapore? Perhaps you’ve started to notice a few more wobbly bits thanks to Hawker lunches and Tiger beers. So here at EX we’ve put together six-week training plans for five different body types; bodybuilder, strong, endurance, runner and agile.

Well we’re not going to tell you to do something about that extra tyre. You look great trust us, belly button peeking through your straining work shirt is coming back in fashion…really.

OK so you might need to shed a few pounds, you know, just to keep ‘her indoors’ happy; trouble is you might not want a bod like Arnie, perhaps looking like a lithe Bruce Leeis more your thing. At the risk of offending Belinda Carlise, we really don’t all want the same thing

Our exercise regime for Arnie wannabes looking for muscle density with really low body fat percentage was put together by Joan Liew, co founder of Fitness Factory.

Guys wanting a stronger look, like Jason Statham, will need to focus on resistance training and a good diet. Luckily Darren Blakeley the general manager of UFIT Urban Fitness has done all the hard work so all you need to do is follow his plan.

For those of you wanting a body like Jason Bourne, you’ll have to follow an endurance training plan. You need to focus on working out the whole body and learning an efficient running gait. Celebrity trainer Gavin Watterson from Ultimate Fitness has provided a complete training plan that’s easy to follow.

Like to pound the pavements? Or want to look like a marathon runner? You’ll need to be lean and strong with a good ability to burn excess fat for fuel. Use personal trainer and professional triathlete Ben Pulham to guide you through getting ready to run a marathon.

And finally the martial art fans, to get an agile body like Bruce Lee you’ll need flexibility, speed and extremely quick reaction times. Let Keith Tan at Aileron Wellness guide you through the steps – sadly wax on, wax off isn’t on the six-week training plan.

Bodybuilder six-week training plan
Strong body type six-week training plan
Endurance six-week training plan
Marathon runner six-week training plan
Agile, martial art fighter, six-week training plan