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Have you seen Stamford American’s brand-new campus?

Choosing an international school for our children is a huge decision, and even more so when it comes to the youngest members of our family. Will there be daily Mandarin and Suzuki Violin lessons from age three? Or how about specialist physical education? Well, there’s a brand-new campus on the block opening in August (just two months away!) for children aged 18 months to six years, and it’s ticking all these boxes and WAY more. Here’s the scoop on Stamford American International School’s new Early Learning Village, conveniently located 10 minutes from Orchard and aimed at making learning larger than life.

Larger than life learning both indoors and out at Stamford American 

Stamford American’s architectural experts have created an exceptional space for the school’s youngest students, designed around the belief that the environment nurtures the child. The Reggio-inspired classrooms have dedicated outdoor spaces tailored to the grade level of the child (Toddlers, Creators and Innovators), a multi-depth 20-metre swimming pool that can be configured for beginner or strong swimmers, and a multi-purpose gymnasium called ‘The Hive’ for sports and events. Plus, there are six huge covered outdoor playgrounds (including a pirate ship one!) to spark that imagination – and special mention of the fact that there’s 75% UV coverage over The Village’s outdoor Discovery spaces (tick, tick).

Stamford American International School Early Learning Village
The pirate ship playground is a big hit among the school’s youngest students!

Language learning that opens doors

Fabulous facilities aside, Stamford American’s early years specialist curriculum is ‘state of the heart’! The larger than life World Language Program encompasses three of the world’s most spoken languages – English, Mandarin and Spanish – taught by native speaking specialists. It aims to develop students as bilingual, bi-literate and bicultural and provides young learners with the right linguistic opportunities at a time when their brains are rapidly developing. Think daily Mandarin or Spanish offered from 18 months, a Bilingual Mandarin and English Programme from three years old and Accelerated English Program from age 5!

An outstanding musical education

The Early Learning Village is an ideal place for your child to start their musical journey. It’s the first school in Singapore to introduce the acclaimed Suzuki Violin Program from age 3, alongside the larger than life Instrumental Music Program (IMP) that conducts one-to-one and group instrument lessons in violin, cello, piano and drums during the school day, all organised by a dedicated IMP coordinator. The benefits for mental development, intelligence, memory and self-expression are huge. 

Stamford American International School Early Learning Village
The acclaimed Suzuki Violin Program

Physical Education that enhances learning

With specialist physical education part of the curriculum from 18 months, it’s easy to see that little bods’ and brains are kept busy at Stamford American. Exclusive to the Village, the acclaimed SMART Steps and Perceptual Motor Program is taught using specialist equipment under the supervision of trained teachers and integrates numeracy, literacy and language with physical play.

Innovative thinking from a young age 

Stamford American has got 21st-century thinking covered, with innovation part of the school’s DNA and introduced from an early age. STEAM-Inn is embedded into all areas of the curriculum and allows students to explore, experiment, be creative and develop them into curious innovative design thinkers. From Pre-Nursery to Kindergarten, children are given age-appropriate class kits and introduced to computational thinking (coding), Virtual Reality, Bee Bots and Makey Makey (circuitry). Neat!

Stamford American International School Early Learning Village
Innovative thinking is embedded into the curriculum

Be among the first to secure your child’s place today

Want to know more? Book your place for the Open House on June 9th to find out more about the new Early Learning Village and fire any questions and concerns at the Admissions team. You can also join one of the monthly free playgroups on weekdays and Saturdays, too. We’d say take Junior along for the visit – you know, to get his or her input and all that – but we reckon you’d struggle to tear them away. This school is that cool!

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