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Living in Singapore: Moving companies to help you relocate overseas or within SG

Be it moving overseas or within Singapore, the process is rarely a breeze. Our readers share how their experiences were made easier with the help of their moving companies.


‘My initial experience with AGS was in January 2008, when my previous company relocated me from Singapore to Miami. In 2010, I was moved to Geneva and I had to use another removal company, in accordance with company policy. Finally, in January 2014, I had the chance to work with AGS again as we were relocating back to Singapore.

I chose AGS because I had developed confidence and trust in them over the years. Besides that, they are a strong leader in the market with an international network. AGS is very professional; they would go the extra mile to understand what you really need, then customise their services accordingly. Prices are competitive as well.

The move with AGS went very smoothly; the service delivered was much better than the moving agency I had engaged when moving from New York to Geneva. The simple fact that I still have furniture bought in Asia 15 years ago is proof of how well they protected my goods! They would come up with tailor-made protection and packaging depending on the type and value of each item. I also liked how they looked into small details – for instance, they prepared welcome gifts for us at our new place.

I would strongly recommend AGS to anyone looking for professional movers for an easier and more enjoyable relocation experience.’



‘We were doing an internal move in the St. Regis Residences. Initially, we had thought that we could do most of it ourselves, but Alvin from Oranje Movers was very helpful in pointing out that this was a crazy idea, especially since it was two days before Chinese New Year! He quickly assessed the situation, and we soon abandoned our initial idea.

On top of the usual clutter that had accumulated during the four years of our stay, we also had to factor in my husband’s paintings, china and furniture, along with my collection of antique textiles. Shifting everything from the 10th floor to the 22nd-floor penthouse with our younger daughter, our helper and a very noisy Siamese cat was also not the best thing to do on our own. Adding to all of that, my mother-in-law was visiting from the UK and staying with us, so we wanted to make sure she still had a relaxing holiday.

I found Oranje Movers while searching online for testimonials on different moving companies. They had many testimonials from satisfied customers and, from our experience with them, I can see why. The extremely capable Sue, who was with us every day, supervised the move. I cannot praise her and her team of movers too highly; these guys were wonderful. Their cheerful attitude made them a joy to work with.’



‘We moved from Clophill, a small village in Bedfordshire, UK, at the end of November last year. Upon arriving in Singapore we stayed in a serviced apartment and started looking at other apartments while waiting for our shipment to arrive. Our move was primarily for Paul’s job, but we were also keen on experiencing a different culture and way of life – we were excited about this new family adventure!

We chose Asian Tigers as they were highly recommended by most people we spoke to when we were doing our research. They haven’t failed to impress us too; we felt that they did a great job and were really thorough.

The entire move ran smoothly; the whole family was involved and we finished unpacking in record time! Communication was excellent and the staff were very friendly. We have also been impressed by the aftercare the company has provided – they left us with plenty of literature to help us navigate the first few months in Singapore, for example. And the “Welcome to Singapore” orientation meeting was a great chance to meet new people and find out more about making the best of our new country.

Knowing that we can rely on Asian Tigers’ comprehensive service and professionalism, we will not hesitate to engage them again for our next move.’


‘We had been living in Sydney for four years, and my husband had been having to travel to Asia almost every month for the past two years, so his company decided that we should be based in Singapore. We had to downsize to a condominium, which made finding the right moving company especially important as we needed to split our belongings between shipping and long-term secure storage.

Although I had three companies come in for a quote, Allied Pickfords consultant, Kim de Acquino, showed an impressive attitude right from the start. While the other two companies fretted over how to shift our king-size bed, Kim calmly assured me not to worry as it would go across the balcony. Sure enough, it went over without any fuss!

Out of our three international moves and numerous domestic relocations, Allied Pickfords’ packers were the best we’d ever had. There were no breakages or other problems – it was perfect! When our shipment arrived in Singapore, we only had two issues: our sofa didn’t fit in the lift and the fridge was too big to fit in the bomb shelter. Unsurprisingly, Allied Pickfords saved the day. The company’s Mel Syers arranged for the sofa to be dismantled off-site and rebuilt in our apartment, while the movers had the fridge donated to someone who needed it.

Because of how smoothly our moving experience went, Allied Pickfords would definitely be at the top of our list for when we eventually move back to Australia.’



Chris and Marianna Fossick, British
We packed up a 40-foot container and sent it to the south of France to furnish our holiday home. We chose Sir Move as we wanted the kind of assurance that could be given by a smaller and more personal company. Having direct contact with Charlie Scott, the business owner himself, was preferable to dealing with a bigger company, especially when it came to receiving a more competitive quote. Charlie could answer the complicated questions we had prior to the shipment, putting our minds at ease. The office support staff were also very helpful and handled email communications properly.

We felt that Sir Move did a great job in terms of coordination and communication. Our case was a complicated one as it involved having four different suppliers deliver the products to the warehouse, coupled with some packing of additional belongings from home. With effective communication before, during and after the move, the team had eliminated any potential challenges or issues we might have encountered otherwise. 

On the destination end, Sir Move took into consideration existing factors such as limited property access and organised a smaller truck to ferry some of the effects from the container. I was bracing myself for some damage, particularly as I had a fair number of glass panels in the container, but thankfully everything went smoothly. I am completely satisfied with the move and would recommend their services to my friends and family.’


This story was first published in Expat Living’s May 2015 issue.